Cleaning Asphalt & Fiberglass Shingle Roofs

Whether selling your home or restoring its good looks…Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa can help!

Roof Cleaning Carrollwood 33624


Asphalt shingled roof streaked and stained by algae

Your shingle roof has a common algae growing on it called gloecapsa magma. It typically grows on the north side of the roof, or where there are low overhanging branches or an abundance of shade. Once algae is noticeable, it will quickly spread and darken. After algae has begun, moss may eventually follow. Moss is harmful since it actually grows roots into the granules and causes them to lift. By removing algae you take the best step toward preventing future moss damage.

Roof immediately after being cleaned

Roof Cleaning Carrollwood 33624

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa’s process involves applying an industry approved solution to the infected roof. The solution kills the algae and moss and keeps it from returning for typically 5 years. Our cleaning process will not harm your roof,

Call us at 813 655 8777 to get an idea how much your shingle roof cleaning will cost.

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