Never Clean Your Tampa Roof Again!

roof-cleaning-picture1The discoloration you see on this Brandon Florida Roof is caused by Algae growth.
This roof cleaning could have been prevented !
Just as you spray the yard to control weeds, we can spray your roof once a year to prevent algae growth.

Save Money – Call us BEFORE your roof gets dirty !

If you live in a deed restricted community, a dirty roof will bring a nasty letter from your Homeowners Association.
If they see a dirty roof, it can bring about a full blown inspection of your property !
Do you really want the Homeowners Association snooping around your home ?
God only know what other violations they will find !
This is how they “Punish ” you for breaking the rules.

Save Money, and take away their power over you.
It cost far less to keep your roof from getting dirty in the first place.
Call us BEFORE the algae takes over your roof.

We offer an inexpensive once a year Algaecide application.
This will keep the Black Algae off of your roof, and save you money .
Plus you get the respect of your neighbors for keeping your place up.
As well as longer roof life, and lower air conditioning bills.
Remember, this is a plant on your roof that can spread to the neighbors property!

You wouldnt let weeds grow uncontrolled in your yard, so why let Black Algae growth run rampant on your roof ?
It looks terrible, causes premature granule loss, makes the A/C work harder, and can spread via airborne spores to the neighbors clean roof !

Plus it can bring that dreaded letter and a full blown home inspection from the Homeowners Association, as well as dirty looks from neighbors for being the eyesore of the neighborhood.
Why wait ?
Save Money !
Call for a free, no obligation estimate by phone
Tampa area customers call 813-655-8777

4 thoughts on “Never Clean Your Tampa Roof Again!

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida is always on the forefront of Roof Cleaning Technology.
    Here is an email we just received from a company offering a product that looks interesting.
    WE at Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa are always being asked to look at, and sometimes test the very latest roof cleaning products, and new roof cleaning technology.
    Our Tampa Roof Cleaning customers seldom see all the roof cleaning research and development work we do.
    Only after we have tested a roof cleaning or prevention product in Tampa’s humid climate thoroughly does it ever get offered to our customers.
    Here is the email.


    I have watched your roof cleaning video’s, and am interested to discuss a business opportunity that may expand your current business model.

    Our company is called Green Millennium Inc (a sales marketing office of KON Corporation in Japan). We manufacture nano photocatalyst TiO2 self-cleaning coating material that is known to treat the entire building façade with a thin transparent coating film and creating the surface self cleaning with only the “SUN LIGHT” and occasional “RAIN FALL” for as long as of 10 years. Our product has been applied to many projects ranging from large commercial high raise buildings to single residential houses, apartments etc. I would like to introduce the following information for you to visualize the potential and possibly bring your attention of this emerging technology for the upcoming green building design with a single service (retrofit post) application.

    To view our photo catalyst self cleaning video clip demonstration, please click the following link:

    Click here to see the demonstration on Google YouTube Video

    And TPXsol self cleaning glass coating demonstration

    The causes of exterior wall soiling can be divided into two categories: adhesion of dust and grit caused by static electricity, and adhesion of atmospheric pollutants (exhaust gasses, factory smoke, etc.) due to their oil content. Photo catalyst TiO2 coating’s hydrophilicity creates a layer of water on the exterior wall surface to prevent static electricity and attraction of dust, grit, dirt or soot to settle on the surface. In addition, the decomposition strength of the exterior surface weakens the adhesiveness of organic oily content. Any residual dust particles are then washed away by natural rainfall and therefore completing the building’s self-cleaning cycle.

    Green Millennium Inc. Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst coating solution demonstrates superior photocatalytic oxidation and photo-induced super-hydrophilic properties. A building’s aesthetic value is greatly enhanced while the overall maintenance is dramatically reduced thus bringing lower life-cycle costs. In addition, the decomposition property of photocatalytic surface cleans up air pollutants in the air stream. Studies have shown smog concentration was reduced by 65 percent on areas coated with photocatalyst titanium dioxide coating. Expansion of the use of photocatalyst technology and products will respond to society’s needs for environmental protection, enhanced aesthetic value and longer life spans for all building accessories and materials.

    Again, this technology offers only with one time application necessary in 6-10 years for the benefit of self-cleaning effect on building façade,. The coating is very durable and will continuous degrade the foreign (micro-sizes) contaminant such as mold, mildew, soot, BOx, formaldehyde, VOC odors, etc. Therefore, it is considered the most green innovation product with longevity benefit impact to clean our environment. We have project references, ASTM Test report, product spec, Technical data sheet, credential project references history that can be provided to you once upon your request.

    Please find the above information useful. If you are interested in learning more or would like to obtain further information, please feel free to contact or email me. I will be very glad to walk you through and answer any question you may have. Also, I would like to explore the possibility of your company product to market in the United States. Either way, I am interested to discuss it with you with opportunities.

    Thank you!

    Best Regard,

    Ted Yueh
    Green Millennium Inc.
    425 W. Allen Ave. #111
    San Dimas, CA 91773
    Tel: 909-305-8882
    Fax: 626-737-6511
    Cell: 909-919-3788

    Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida feels this may be fine for buildings up North where Mildew and Algae are NOT the problem like they are here in Tampa, FL.
    This coating holds water, in an effort to eliminate static electricity, and the attraction of dust and atmospheric pollutants.
    That is all fine and dandy, but holding water i a humid Climate like Tampa Florida will in our opinion invite MORE roof cleaning, not less.
    The reason is simple.
    Mildew and Algae spores are airborne, and when they land on a wet surface, they start to grow!
    This means more Tampa Roof Cleaning for our customers, NOT less .
    I highly doubt Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida will be testing THIS product.
    But we are always on the lookout to bring our Tampa area roof cleaning customers the very latest roof cleaning products.

    1. I beg to differ with you about clay tile roofs! I do agree that clay tile roofs do stay clean longer then cement or ceramic tile roofs, butt hey do get dirty here in Tampa as well. The climate here in this part of Florida is extremely humid, and hot.
      The summers here in Tampa are rainy nearly every day. So, if you have heat, moisture, and humidity on any roof, shingle or tile, you will soon have Mold.
      If fact, we just cleaned a large project in Tampa that had all clay tile roofs.
      Cleaning a clay tile roof is a lot of “fun”, because the top layer of the clay tile roof bleeds all over everything, and make a huge mess, until a few rains simply rinse the clay that came off the tile roof away from the pavers, parking lot, etc, etc, etc.

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