Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa 33647

Here are some Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa 33647 Images.
All these Tile Roof Cleanings in Tampa Palms and Hunters Green were done w/o using Pressure Washing.
Pressure Washing a Tile Roof can strip the glaze.color right out of the Tile.
Yes, your Tile Roof will be “cleaned” if it is Pressure Washed.
But it may never look the same again !
Not to mention all the cracked and dislodged Roof Tiles you may have, that are caused by walking all over the Tile Roof to Pressure Wash it.
Pressure Washing a Tile Roof can be a risky undertaking, just to save a few bucks !
Tile Roof Repairs are not cheap!


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Pressure Washing Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning ??


What should I know about “Pressure Washing” my Tampa Tile Roof?

The only positive that comes with Pressure Washing or cleaning your Tampa Tile Roof is that temporally it looks clean. Let me explain.

Pressure Washing a Tile Roof by definition uses water pressure to blast away algae, mold, and mildew from the tile surface. In order to do this function to much pressure is used and the Pressure Washing process also removes color, sand and cement from the tile roof surface. This is the reason that the mold, mildew and Gleocapsa Algae come back so fast, the process has increased the surface pitting, the habitat where they can grow and multiply. Every Tile Roof Cleaning situation is different, but it would be safe to say that you will be pressure washing your tile roof again in 2 to 3 years. You are now scalping the surface of the tile and DAMAGING your very expensive tile roofing system. You would not knowingly do this to the surface of anything that you own. When you think of the cost of a tile roof, pressure washing or harsh chemical baths are not practical solutions.

The next negative will cost you money. People who pressure wash tile roofs do not do it every day. Walking on a tile roof is for Tile Roof Cleaning experts. Clearly, EVERYONE breaks tiles. The secret is taking the responsibility for what you have done and correcting the situation. The problem with pressure washers is that they have not been trained to resolve the broken tile situation and it is a lot easier to say nothing and leave the tile roof without solving the problem.

When a tile is broken it allows water to come in under the tiles. The first thing that gets wet are the wooden boards that are attached to the felt and plywood on your roof deck. The runner boards are used to attach the tile to the building. They are # 2 untreated wood and after they become wet they dry rot. After this dry rot occurs, you must either re-set the affected field area or replace the system. Pressure washing a tile roof is a very expensive way of attaining a temporary fix, ask any tampa roofing contractor ?

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Article Written By our friends at Albertsons Tile Roof Glaze