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Roof Cleaning Company in Tampa, Florida

Apple Roof Cleaning is trusted for roof washing services in Tampa Florida. Our local roof cleaners are certified by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America (RCIA). We only use methods approved by the American Roof Manufacturers Association when cleaning shingle, metal, and tile roofs old rcia forum link

Our experience and modern equipment separate us from many roof cleaning companies in Hillsborough County. We use no-pressure equipment that emits a safe spray for cleaning roofs. This method is also effective for cleaning siding and shingles, as well.

You will save time and money with a call to Apple Roof Cleaning. A single call to us has home exteriors cleaned to perfection. We take pride in making it convenient to have pitched or flat roofs cleaned with expert care. Our no pressure equipment is well suited for asphalt shingle washing and other materials.

We customize our roof washing to your unique needs.  Our selection of gentle cleaning solutions will lift and remove contaminants such as lichen, black streaks, mold, mildew and moss. The results will leave your roof and siding looking like new. Our process also enables us to remove rust stains, pollen, and bird droppings.


An unsightly roof and siding reduce the curb appeal and value of your home. If left untreated, lichen, gloeocapsa magma(black streaks) and moss eat away at your home’s roof. This reduces the lifespan of your shingles and ultimately leads to expensive roof repairs or replacement. Our roof restoration is an affordable way to prevent costly repair.

The benefits of our  roof cleanings goes beyond curb appeal. Our roof washes will reduce airborne allergens for easier breathing.

Your home’s roof is a barrier to weather elements. A clean roof will reduce heating and cooling bills by keeping weather out of the home. The improved appearance of your home’s exterior will also improve market value. We also extend the lifespan of your roof, which results in short and long term savings.

Please contact Apple Roof Cleaning at (813) 655-8777 to schedule roof washing, or for free estimates.

Welcome to Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa

Non Pressure Cleaning that we call

“Soft Washing!”

First impressions are everything! You might not think twice about how your roof looks but I’m sure your neighbors and friends notice. Not to mention your homeowners association (HOA)!

That ugly black streaking on your shingle or tile roof can be removed quickly and easily by us with our low pressure roof cleaning system.

This is not something you want to try yourself or hire an inexperienced, uninsured handyman to do for you. DO NOT allow anyone to use a pressure washer or high pressure on your roof. This will void any warranty and will likely cause damage resulting in expensive repairs.

Let Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 take care of your roof for you.

Not only will this make your home look better, it will add value.

We are fully insured, and have cleaned over 25,000 Tampa Bay Florida Shingle and Tile Roofs.

We will always send a crew of 2 roof cleaners to your project. We do this for safety and to insure proper care of your surrounding landscaping and Property.

Our roof cleaning process involves the no-pressure application of an industry-proven mix of detergents, followed by a no-pressure rinse. No power washers are used in the process. The system we use is recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America’s largest shingle manufacturer), and is safe for your home, family, pets, and any adjacent landscaping.

Curb appeal is another big consideration to anyone who may be looking to sell their home. A potential buyer may truly believe they will need to replace their roof for thousands of dollars, when in reality it can simply be cleaned by Apple Roof Cleaning.

Let us make your roof sparkle. Everyone will think you have a new roof!

House Washing & Exterior Surface Cleaning

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 can also provide you with exceptional cleaning of the exterior of your home. Removing the buildup of dirt, pollution, mold, mildew, spider webs, wasp nests, and bug droppings will not only make your home’s exterior more appealing, it will make your existing paint last longer. Again, low pressure and the right cleaning agents are the key to any successful exterior house washing project.

Hard surface cleaning is another item you don’t want to miss. Pool decks, driveways, pavers, docks and decks. If it’s outside your home, we can clean it!

Keep Your Tampa Florida Area Home or Business Roof Stain and Streak Free!.

You are probably wondering: “What is making my roof turn black ?”

The answer may surprise you.  Those unsightly dark roof stains and streaks
are actually a strain of algae common to Tampa called Gloeocapsa Magma that likes to
feed on the limestone filler material in your asphalt shingles.  This algae
growth commonly thrives on the north slope of your roof where there is
less sunlight and higher concentration of moisture.
You may have thought: “A brand new roof is the only solution.” 
Lucky for you, that would be an incorrect assumption. Truth is, all your
roof really needs is a professional Soft Wash Roof Cleaning from the
experts at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa to extend shingle life and
make your roof look like new again – for just a fraction of the cost of
premature (and expensive) roof replacement!

Now you’re thinking: “That sounds great, but how does it work?”
First, you will be happy to know that our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning 
method is 100% Safe and will NOT damage your shingles. This is due
to the fact that we use specialized cleansers, rather than destructive
high pressure water, to neutralize and remove the ugly algae growths.
This “No Pressure” method of washing roof shingles is so safe and
 that it is endorsed by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.)
and it will not void your roof’s warranty!

So do your home’s curb appeal – and your wallet – a favor.
Do not go another single day living under a dark stained and streaked,
algae covered roof.  CONTACT Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa now for your FREE Quote!

Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning In Tampa

img_0035img_0039This is a barrel tile roof up in North Tampa we cleaned recently. These before and after pics were taken right after the tile roof was cleaned. Any roof we clean, shingle, metal, or tile, always looks it’s very best after a few good rainstorms. We have a saying in our business “No one can rinse a roof like God Can”, and it is the truth.

These customers own a Pet Store here in the Tampa Florida area.  I was very active in Dog Obedience Training, and found I had quite a bit in common with our customers. In fact, when the lady who owns this home called, I heard one of her Dog’s bark. I was able to correctly identify her Dog as a German Shepard. LOL, once that happened, that was the end of her shopping for a tile roof cleaning company, and the start of nearly an hour long conversation between two Dog people.

So, if you are looking for good people who know what they are doing to clean your barrel tile roof, call us at 813 655 8777 for an estimate.

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Softwash Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

Apple Roof Cleaning has been cleaning shingle and tile roofs in the Tampa area since 1999. We greatly prefer to call our roof cleaning service exactly what it is, Non Pressure Roof Cleaning. However, for some reason, several states up North call No Pressure Roof Cleaning “Softwashing” or “Softwash Roof Cleaning”.  Since many of our potential customers have moved here to the Tampa Florida area from these northern states, we want to be sure they find us, in  a Google Search.  So, what that said, here is a Softwash Roof Cleaning we did recently in Tampa.


As you can see, this was an older home, with a very old asphalt shingle roof.  Because the roof had previously been Pressure Washed, quite a lot of the shingle granules were missing, and they are what determines the color and appearance of a shingle roof.

Still, we were able to make this customer happy, so he could get his home on the market, and get it sold.

img_0033 It was a hot day in Tampa, when we completed this job, and the customers Dog “kept us company” all day long, so we “rewarded” him with a good squirtdown from the hose we use to water your plants with. He loved it 🙂

So, if you are in need of a softwash roof cleaning in a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay, give us a call at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.

Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach Florida

Roof Algae Cleaning Tampa FloridaRoof Algae Cleaning Tampa Florida

We clean quite a few tile and shingle roofs in Apollo Beach. Here is a flat concrete tile roof in the beautiful community of Symphony Isles, a waterfront community on Tampa Bay. Usually, the Symphony Isles Homeowners Association will not allow a tile roof in their community to get this filthy, but this home was tied up in court proceedings for quite some time. The new owner asked what company he should hire to clean his flat concrete tile roof, and we were recommended by several of his new neighbors, probably because we do so much work in this Apollo Beach community.  As you can see by the before and after pictures, this concrete tile roof was restored to it’s original beauty, though it is nearly 25 years old! Roof Cleaning Lithia Florida 33547Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 33547

When we clean a concrete tile roof, we adjust our cleaning mixture accordingly.  We are able to make a strong tile roof cleaning mixture because we don’t have to be concerned about stripping the glaze off the tiles, as we would on a ceramic tile roof. Also, because much of Apollo Beach is near, or right on Tampa Bay, many roofs have Seagull Poop and soot from the Tampa Electric Company Smokestacks all over them, in addition to the Black Mold and Algae. This Poop and Soot affect the PH of our tile roof cleaning solution, so we must add extra cleaning chemicals to compensate! When properly cleaned, a concrete tile roof can be a beautiful thing, but not with a half ass cleaning. We do not do 1/2 ass work, we are perfectionists.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

Shingle Roof Cleaned In Riverview Florida

Here is a shingle roof we recently cleaned for a customer in Riverview, Florida.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa FL
Roof before soft roof cleaning
Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa FL
Roof after soft roof cleaning

Riverview is a southern suburb of Tampa, that has grown like crazy, since we moved to this area back in 1971. We cleaned this customers roof nearly 6 years ago, but he is in a deed restricted community, and got a clean your roof or else letter from the Riverview Homeowners Association. It was a pleasure seeing this customer,  because he and his wife are fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans!  So, after we finished cleaning his asphalt shingle roof, he offered us a Beer, and we all sat by his swimming pool, talking football. All of us were simply amazed how much Riverview has grown, and how awful the traffic on HWY 301 has become. He asked us to leave a yard sign in front of his house because his entire subdivision is getting roof cleaning letters.


The Best Roof Cleaning Company In Tampa

IMG_1406IMG_1409RCIA-logoThe unemployment rate here in the Tampa Bay area is the lowest it has been in many many years. This means that all the good people are working, but unfortunately, so are all the questionable roof cleaning services.  It seems everybody and their brother is cleaning roofs these days. Yard Guys, Handymen, Painters, you get the idea. Jack’s of all trades, but masters of none. Apple Roof Cleaning is different, we are a real roof cleaning company, and have been cleaning tile, metal,and shingle roofs in the Tampa Florida area over 25 years. We are not just another roof cleaning company, we are nationally known Teachers of our Trade, the founders of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.


Usually, the best Doctors can be found at teaching Hospitals. Most roof cleaners learned from us, or someone we taught, so why hire a student to clean your roof, when you can hire the teachers ?

So, if you want the best roof cleaning company in the Tampa area, congratulations, you have found us! We are also fully insured, and that means we have real Workers Comp. By real Workers Comp, we mean we are actually covered to be on your roof.  Several Tampa Roof Cleaning Service’s advertise that they have Workers Comp, but beware!  Many are not covered to be on a roof! These liars go and get Workers Comp under a Janitor’s Code to save themselves Money, and will tell you, or even show you their Workers Comp Certificate, hoping you will not check to be sure they are covered to be on a roof. Real Workers Comp to be on a roof is very expensive, but it protects you in case someone falls off your roof.  We don’t play those kind of games with our customers.

Sure, we could play games to be a little more inexpensive by not being properly insured, or cleaning roofs with one man, instead of 2 or 3, or by using uninsured independent contractors instead of employees, but that is not how we do business.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

After all, we did not win the Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002 by cutting corners, or compromising our customers property.

We give free, immediate estimates, by telephone. The roof cleaning estimate you receive is the price you will pay, maybe less. If we determine your tile or shingle roof only needs a partial cleaning, we will adjust your estimate. Most of our customers are repeat customers, and we depend on repeat business. We are not looking to close a sale, we are looking to open a long term relationship with our customers. We want to be your roof cleaning company, now, and in the future!

Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

After over 20 years in the roof cleaning business, much of our work is from satisfied customers, who use our service  again + tell their friends and neighbors. This customer used our roof cleaning service nearly 6 years ago, and because he lives in a deed restricted community, he received a letter from his homeowners association, asking him to clean his roof, or else. Roof Cleaning Tampa - HOA Roof Cleaning Letter

As you can see, his job came out beautifully + our roof cleaning service got the Tampa HOA off his back.  If you would like to get a free, no obligation estimate, our contact info is below.

Roof Pressure Washing Tampa Florida

Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaning

This has been a rainy summer here in the Tampa Florida area so far, and we need the rain. Despite the summer rains here, we still have managed to get some tile roofs cleaned. This lovely home is located in Tampa Palms, a gated and deed restricted community, in the 33647 Zip Code.  We are Tampa Bay Buc Fans here, and post on several local Blogs and forums dedicated to our team.

That’s how this customer found our tile roof cleaning company.  It was fun talking football with him, and  a pleasure to clean his beautiful flat tile roof. As you can see, he asked us to leave a yard sign there, and sure enough, we have 2 additional neighbors of his to clean for, as a result of this job.


As you can see by the before and after pictures, this tile roof was pretty filthy, and that is a Big No No in Tampa Palms! Not only do they have a vigilant homeowners association, but neighbors are known to turn in other neighbors who fail to keep up the appearance of their property.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think it is pretty dirty to turn in one of your neighbors to the homeowners association.

However, it is true that the black stuff we see on roofs here in Tampa is an Algae, and it spreads itself by airborne spores, and critters going from dirty roofs to clean roofs. So, a dirty roof on your street can compromise the attempts of your neighbors who are trying to keep their roofs clean.

We clean tile roofs the correct way, with a chemical soft wash, and never use any pressure. If you are unfortunate enough to live next to a tile roof that has been pressure washed, lookout! The pressure washing spreads the still living spores of this algae all over the place!

If you would like to have your tile roof cleaned the right way, and you live in the greater Tampa Florida area, give us a call at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.