Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Dangers To Avoid

Please take a few minutes to watch this roof cleaning video, put together from pictures  we have collected, over the years.

The photos above shows us applying A.R.M.A approved shingle roof cleaning chemicals to roofs here in the Tampa area.

All shingle roof cleaning is not the same, so do not buy on price alone!

We see the con men advertising a so called low pressure environmentally safe roof cleaning method.

The ads seem almost too good to be true.

No bleach, safe for plants, biodegradable, non toxic, environmentally friendly, everything they think you want to hear.

But, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember, thats a plant growing on your roof, so if its safe for plants, how can it kill the one growing on your roof ?

Do you want to get your shingle roof cleaned every 6 months ?

Sodium Hydroxide, the active ingredient these companies use is extremely caustic and corrosive.
Because Sodium Hydroxide is so corrosive, it can rust the nails holding your shingles .

It can cause the granules to start falling off your shingles by actually dissolving the glue holding them in place.

Still want that stuff on your roof ???

Consumer Reports Magazine published a recall of one of these unapproved Roof Cleaners, and you will soon see why !

The URL was so long it wouldn’t fit as a link, so do a search for “roof cleaner recall” and see for yourself.

High levels of Sodium Hydroxide, yuk !

Perhaps they really are not as “environmentally friendly- non toxic- biodegradable” as claimed ?

These Sodium Hydroxide solutions are applied, you wait 30 minutes for it to work, and then they are rinsed off, supposedly with low pressure.

But how do you know its really low pressure??

If it really is “Low Pressure”, then why are they using a Pressure Cleaner to rinse it off, DUH ?

Remember, it takes 30 minutes to work, and if a spot is missed, or it didnt take, you must re-apply, and wait another 30 minutes.

Dont think for a minute that someone is going to sit there waiting another 30 minutes in the hot sun to re-apply it.

They are simply going to get down off the roof, and turn up the pressure cleaner until the Pressure removes the spots they missed.

So now the non pressure roof cleaning has turned into regular old pressure cleaning.

IF they were really using ” low pressure ” why dont they just simply wait for a good rain to rinse it off ?

Because it wont rinse off with a good rain, and it wont rinse off with low enough pressure to not remove granules from your roof.

The Shingle makers know this, and thats one of many reasons you wont see a letter of approval from them for this Dangerous type of roof cleaning.

Dont be fooled by the claims of epa registered, environmentally safe,made to clean roofs, safe for plants, environmentally friendly, etc.

Protect yourself.

If they have a pressure cleaner, dont let them anywhere near your roof.

Always ask for an MSDS sheet showing what chemical the cleaner contains they propose to use on your roof.

The majority of these cleaners contain Sodium and or Potassium Hydroxide.

We have provided a link below so you can see for yourself just how environmentally friendly, and non toxic Sodium Hydroxide really is.

Sodium Hydroxide is used to strip paint, is an active ingredient in Drain openers, is extremely corrosive, and causes severe burns.

Go ahead, click the link, see for yourself.

Still want that stuff on your roof?

Neither do the makers of your roof shingles!

Dont be a victim of fraud !

Before you consider any company to clean your roof, demand to see proof that what they are doing is safe for your roof, in the form of a letter of approval from 3 or more Major Shingle Manufacturers.

We bet some wont be able to produce even one letter.

Because their roof cleaning cleaning methods and chemicals arent approved.

But ours are, and we guarantee them to be safe for your roof, so why gamble ?

Ther is no need to settle for less.
Tampa Roof Cleaning customers area call 813 655 8777

2 thoughts on “Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Dangers To Avoid

    1. So many poorly trained people out cleaning roofs, here in Tampa. I understand times are tough for some, but as a result you have poorly trained people entering the roof cleaning business, because they could not make ends meet, painting houses, or cleaning windows in Tampa.

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