Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms 33647

Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms 33647

Big Tampa Palms Tile Roof

Cleaned Tile Roof!
Cleaned Tile Roof!

Here is a tile roof we cleaned for the second time, located in Tampa Palms, in the 33647 zip code.

This tile roof stayed clean nearly 5 years. It was not really bad, but she wanted it spotless for the XMas Holidays.

It means a lot when our customers remember us, and use our roof cleaning service again.




Roof Shingles Cleaning Tampa FL

cleaning roof
7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

In many regions across the country and in Tampa, roof algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) is a growing problem. The algae thrives in Tampa’s warm humid climates, usually first appearing on the north facing slopes of your roof where the right amount of shade and moisture are common. With the proper atmosphere in Tampa, the algae only needs one more element to survive and that’s food.

Roof algae feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles. When shingles were first produced manufacturers quickly realized they were too light and would not provide adequate protection, so they added crushed limestone to the asphalt to add weight and durability to the shingles.

Gloeocapsa Magma is an airborne algae so it can land on any Tampa roof with no rhyme or reason, though it does seem to be more prominent in areas holding a lot of trees. Once the roof algae lands on the roof it will have to be killed and removed properly or it will continue to spread.
It will never get better or just go away on its own.
The algae begins feeding on the nutrients in the roofing shingles.
As it rains it is spread down the roof causing black streaks. If not taken care of it will take over the entire roof in a few short years turning the whole roof shingles black.

Information About Cleaning Roofs





This information about roof cleaning was written by our friends, and Fellow Roof Cleaning Institute Members Great White Cleaning Technologies in Tennessee.
We provide the same services here in Central Florida!

Maybe you don’t need a new roof! Asking a roofing contractor if your roof needs to be replaced, Is like asking a fast food restaurant for dieting advice

Why clean your roof?

How about reducing your energy costs? Those black streaks are soaking up UV rays which in turn heats your attic which then causes you to run the AC unit longer and more often.

What about extending the life of your shingles? I’m not talking about making a 30 year shingle last 35 years, I’m talking about making it last 30 years instead of 25 or less. Fiberglass shingles, are the most common, have been being made with limestone as a filler (in the asphalt). These shingles hold moisture and organic “bacteria food” material longer than the paper/asphalt/ceramic shingles of 20+ years ago. Additionally, these particular algae enjoy the limestone as a food source.Once the bacteria have become noticeable, the stains will continue to get worse from year to year. There is debate over the actual harmfulness of this particular bacteria to roofs. However, most “experts” within the subject area conclude the bacteria to be harmful, if left untreated, as the growth holds moisture within shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and/or granule loss.

How about just for the curb appeal? After a cleaning treatment you will be amazed about how your roof looks. Your neighbors will be happy or jealous about your new look. Your pride of home ownership will show.

A list of our non pressure cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning: Using only ARMA approved chemicals and RCIA approved processes, we gently clean your roof without the use of pressure or scrubbing the shingles. For long term benefits we do not rinse the chemical from the roof but rather leave it on for it’s systemic values. By letting the chemical mixture to dry you are creating an environment inhospitable for alge growth.

House Washing: Besides the roof, your siding is the next most common place for algae and mold to take root and grow. You have all seen homes with green or black siding and the only methods that most people use are either pressure washing or scrubbing with a brush. Neither of these sound like fun and can be damaging to the siding itself. We offer a spray and rinse non-pressure house washing service.

Gutter Cleaning: Now what about those ugly gutters? What good does it do to clean your home and roof if your gutters are clogged and stained? We don’t use a pressure washer or leaf blower to clean your gutters it is all done by hand so that we can eliminate any potential for damage to your roof or gutters. All debris are removed by hand and bagged for disposal. We then use a garden hose to flush out any remaining particles that are too small to pickup with the hand thus flushing the gutters clean. We also ensure that your down spouts are free of any debris, eliminating water backups. By not using a pressure washer or leaf blower to clean your gutters we also eliminate all the debris that would end up in your lawn or flower beds.

Call us for a free, no obligation,



Visit our Roof Cleaning web site at for roof cleaning pictures and videos.

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777
(800)290 1377

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Roof Cleaning Providence Lakes 33511

Apple Roof Cleaning 33511 uses virtually no pressure to apply our cleaning
solution. Our product and system are responsible for the remarkably
improved appearance of hundreds of houses in Providence Lakes.
Because of our roof cleaning process, your Providence Lakes Home will stay cleaner for much longer than if pressure
washed, and without causing any damage.


* Environmentally Safe when diluted
* Cost Effective
* Removes Embedded Algae Growth and Pollutants
* Non Destructive to roof surfaces
* Restores Roofs to Their Original Finish
* Prolongs Roof Surface Life better Than Conventional Pressure Cleaning
* Cleaning Solutions for All Roof Surfaces
* Gently Removes Algae, Mold, Mildew and other Biological and Environmental Growth

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777
(800)290 1377

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Tile Roof Cleaning Arbor Green Tampa Florida


Here is a tile roof cleaning tampa we recently did in Arbor Green.
This tile roof cleaning was done in Arbor Green in New Tampa.
The Arbor Green Homeowners Association sent a roof cleaning letter to our customer.
She talked with her neighbors, and they recommended us.
This Tile Roof Cleaning in Arbor Green came out great.
We have two other neighbors of hers in Arbor Green scheduled for next week.

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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Roof Cleaning Bradenton FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282

Roof Cleaning Bradenton, FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282
Tile Roof Cleaning we did recently in Bradenton, Florida
If you live in Bradenton Zip Codes – 34201-34212, 34280-34282 Apple Roof Cleaning offers service in your area.
Call us Toll Free at 1 800 290 1377 for a roof cleaning estimate for your Bradenton FL home.


Bradenton FL Roof Cleaning 34201-34212, 34280-34282

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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Roof Cleaning Tampa – Water Restrictions ?


Here are some good articles on Tampa Water Restrictions.
These Tampa Water Restrictions ONLY apply to DIY Roof Cleaning Homeowners.
Professional Tampa Roof Cleaning is exempt.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa carries our OWN Water.
Our Roof Cleaning Chemical is pre mixed and carried in chamical tanks on our dedicated tampa roof cleaning trucks.
NO trailers here !
Beware of fly by night wanna be tampa roof cleaners hauling a roof cleaning trailer around with the family pick up truck or SUV ?
Many of these are part time roof cleaning people who lack the experience/equipment to safely clean your roof.
Our dedicated tampa roof cleaning trucks show our dedication to the roof cleaning art.
We are FULL TIME Tampa Roof Cleaners, and it shows!

Water Use Restrictions
(page last reviewed: 04/09/09)

Limited rainfall, increasing irrigation demands and decreased flow in the Hillsborough River have caused Tampa’s reservoir level to decline and recover more slowly than in past years. The reservoir is Tampa’s primary drinking water source and Emergency Water Use Restrictions have been enacted to help ensure a sufficient quantity of drinking water for the Tampa community. Violating water use restrictions in Tampa may result in fines ranging from $100 to $450 and a mandatory court appearance.

By using water efficiently you may also save money. Tampa’s Schedule of Rates includes a multi-tier rate structure where the price of each billing unit of water increases as the quantity of water used in a billing cycle increases. This means that using more water will result in a higher utility bill due to the increased tier charges.


Water Use Restrictions depend on where the property is located and what water source is being used. Links are provided below:
Water restrictions inside Tampa City limits, using public supply potable (drinking) water provided by City of Tampa Water Department

Water use with City of Tampa provided potable (drinking) water inside the City limits is restricted under Emergency Ordinance 2009-57. (Summary Sheet)

Water restrictions inside Tampa City limits, using well water and sources other than public supply potable (drinking) water provided by City of Tampa Water Department

Water use with water sources other than that provided by the City (for example, private irrigation wells) is restricted under SWF Order 09-012 and SWF Order 08-044. (Phase III Restrictions Summary) An online well registry form is available.

Water restrictions for Tampa Water Department Customers located outside Tampa City Limits in Unincorporated Hillsborough County

Water use restrictions for customers located outside Tampa city limits are enforced by Hillsborough County Water Resource Services. In accordance with SWF Order 09-012, Tampa Water Department customers outside the city limits must comply with City of Tampa water use restrictions as outlined in Tampa Ordinance 2009-57.

Water restrictions inside Tampa City limits, using well water and sources other than public supply potable (drinking) water provided by City of Tampa Water Department, for Commercial and Industrial Use, Agricultural Use, Golf Courses and Driving Ranges, and Other Athletic Play Areas

Water use with with water sources other than that provided by the City (for example, private irrigation wells) for Commercial and Industrial Use, Agricultural Use, Golf Courses and Driving Ranges, and Other Athletic Play Areas is restricted under SWF Order 07-02.

Water restrictions inside Tampa City limits using reclaimed water

The use of reclaimed water for irrigation and other non-potable uses is not restricted, although it should always be used efficiently. Customers located in Tampa’s reclaimed water service area should contact (813) 282-7827 for information of service availability.

Tampa Water Restrictions Roof Cleaning – Pressure Washing Article Below:

By NEIL JOHNSON | The Tampa Tribune

Published: March 31, 2009

Updated: 03/31/2009 07:22 pm

Related Links

Rules Explained
TECO Signs Reclaimed Water Deal
How Are You Conserving Water?
New Standards Are Tight
BROOKSVILLE – Put away your pressure washers, cancel the school band’s carwash and reset your sprinkler timers.

Oh, yeah, and turn off your decorative fountain unless it uses reclaimed or salt water.

As of Friday, the Tampa Bay area will have its toughest-ever water restrictions, courtesy of Tuesday’s unanimous vote by the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s governing board.

The changes most likely to be noticed will shrink the window when homeowners can water and ban the use of pressure washers except by commercial operators.

The new rules are a reaction to a continued drought and expected high levels of pumping at well fields, the only source of water left for most of the region.

The restrictions apply in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. They take effect Friday and last until June 30.

Tampa, with its reliance on the Hillsborough River for most of its water, has even tougher restrictions. Starting Friday, most city residents can water lawns and shrubs only by hand.

Dave Moore, the district’s director, said after the vote that the measures should meet the goal of cutting water use by 20 percent if everyone complies.

A district study estimates the changes will mean the loss of about 350 jobs, mostly in the landscaping industry, and will cost the area about $19 million.

The prospect of such financial hits helped draw a standing-room only crowd to the board’s meeting in Brooksville. Speakers ranged from residents who live near well fields to owners of pressure cleaning and landscaping companies.

Among the rule changes:

• Residents not supplied by the city of Tampa may water lawns between midnight and 4 a.m. on their designated watering day if their lots are smaller than 1 acre. Those living on larger lots can also water from 8 p.m. to midnight.

• Hand-watering landscaping or using micro-irrigation, once allowed any day, is limited to three days a week.

Homeowners are banned from doing their own pressure cleaning.

• Car washing at home or by charity car washes is prohibited. You can only use commercial car washes, most of which recycle their water.

• All decorative fountains must be turned off.

The changes also further tighten Tampa’s restrictions, cutting the hours when city residents can water by hand.

There are exemptions to the district’s new rules.

Belleair, Dade City, Dunedin, Plant City, San Antonio, Temple Terrace and Zephyrhills are not affected because those cities do not get their water from Tampa Bay Water.

Also, property owners with private wells or shallow irrigation wells remain on their current watering schedule.

The district, known as Swiftmud, considered imposing tighter regulations in February but decided to wait for a review of how the changes would affect businesses and to see whether the existing rules would save enough water.

The district study showed those regulations, which included a total ban on pressure washing, would have cost the region more than 2,200 jobs and more than $80 million.

The decision to allow commercial pressure cleaning was a huge relief to James Kotow, who said it means he probably will be able to keep his business open.
Tampa Bay Water, which provides water to Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey and some of Tampa, has only its well fields to rely on until summer rains begin.

The utility’s reservoir in southern Hillsborough is dry, and there is no flow in rivers to augment the well fields.

Down the line, Swiftmud board members may consider imposing more rules on local utilities.

One proposal discussed would be an order forcing utilities to enact surcharges during droughts on those using the most water.

Board member Hugh Grambling said water departments have not been robust enough in trying to cut use.

“I don’t think they’ve stepped up to the plate to avoid environmental damage,” he said.

Reporter Neil Johnson can be reached at (813) 259-7731.

Tampa Water Restrictions Questions And Answers

Questions, answers on new Tampa Bay water restrictions
Times Staff Writer
In Print: Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Amid a three-year drought, the Southwest Florida Water Management District imposed its most severe water restrictions ever. They start Friday and run at least through June 30.

What are the new hours for Tampa lawn irrigation?

All Tampa lawn watering remains limited to the once-a-week schedule already in effect. Hours for sprinkling will be midnight to 4 a.m. for properties less than 1 acre. For properties larger than 1 acre, it’s midnight to 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. to midnight. City of Tampa water customers cannot use lawn sprinklers at all.

Hand-watering will be allowed from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. on watering days.

What about my landscaping?

Sprinklers can only be used on watering days. You can use a watering can, hose equipped with an automatic shutoff nozzle, or microirrigation system three days a week. Even-number addresses can water this way on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For odd-number addresses, it’s Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

What about new sod and landscaping?

You have to follow the new restrictions on hours, but fresh sod still gets a 30-day establishment period. For the first 15 days, new turf may be watered any day of the week. For the next 15 days, you can water every other day.

New landscaping has a 60-day establishment period. For the first 15 days, the plants can be watered any day of the week. You can water every other day for the next 30 days and twice a week in the final 15 days.

Who is affected by the rules?

All Tampa Bay Water customers, which includes Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties and most of their cities. Cities not affected are Belleair, Dade City, Dunedin, Plant City, San Antonio, Temple Terrace and Zephyrhills.

If you have a private well or reclaimed water, please check with your local government. Links to their Web sites are at our special report, Tampa Bay Water Crisis. There’s a link on this page above.

Do I have to turn off my backyard fountain?

Yes. Only fountains that use reclaimed water or saltwater are permitted.

Can I wash my car or pressure wash my house?

You will have to go to a commercial car wash or hire a commercial pressure washer.

Will I have to set my thermostat at 78 degrees or above?

The thermostat rule applies only to buildings with water-based cooling systems — typically government buildings, common areas in malls, and lobbies of multitenant office buildings.

Are golf courses and farms affected?


Do the rules affect me if I have a private well? Do I have to register my well?

Swiftmud says residents in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas counties using other sources of water, either private well water or water from utilities not affected by the Phase IV measures, remain under the current Modified Phase III restrictions.

However, your local government could apply stricter rules for private well or reclaimed water. You can check for that and whether you have to register a well by following the links at our special Tampa Bay Water Crisis report, which is linked on this page above.

I was planning on pressure washing my house this weekend to prepare it for painting. Do I have to hire a company now?

Yes. Personal pressure washing is no longer allowed.

Do the new restrictions apply to vegetable gardens?

Here’s what Swiftmud says about landscape and non-lawn watering:

Watering schedule

Limited Days: Watering of landscapes using an in-ground irrigation system (rotor and spray sprinkler heads) or a hand-held hose equipped with a portable sprinkler remains limited to the same once-per-week schedule as lawn watering.

Watering of landscapes (non-lawn) using a sprinkling can, hand watering with a hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle, or micro-irrigation is now limited to three days per week. Micro-irrigation includes soaker hoses, drip tubes, microjets and other forms of low-volume irrigation technology. Even addresses may use any of these forms of efficient irrigation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Odd addresses may do so on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Different Hours:

Midnight to 4 a.m. for properties less than one acre in size, using an in-ground irrigation system (rotor and spray sprinkler heads).

Midnight to 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. to midnight for properties more than one acre, using an in-ground rotor and spray irrigation system.

6–8 a.m. and 6–10 p.m. for properties any size, using a sprinkling can, hand-held hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle, or micro-irrigation.

I have a private well for watering my lawn and I get my drinking water from Utilities Inc. Utilities Inc has their own wells in our mobile home park. What rules do I follow?

If you have a private well, but a separate utility company only for drinking water, you still must follow the Phase 3 restrictions.

I have a 6-foot pond with aerator spray in my front yard that holds fish, frogs and flora. Is this allowable?

Swiftmud has received a lot of questions about these type of ponds. If it uses water — city, county, reclaimed or well — it applies to the decorative fountain category. But it gets complicated if it’s keeping fish alive. Contact Swiftmud at 1-800-836-0797, ext. 2298 for more specific information.

Can you wash your car over your lawn during lawn watering hours?

Residential car washing is not permitted, period. You’re still using water to wash your car. Take comfort in the fact that everyone else will have dirty cars too.

Are there any restrictions regarding filling my son’s kiddie pool?

Kiddie pools are not specified in the Phase 4 watering restrictions, so they are fine. For now, at least.

I live in a gated community. We use county water for drinking, but community-owned wells for irrigation. We are having much debate here over whether the well water can be used for irrigation.

You can use the gated community or private well water for irrigation, but it must be within Phase 3 restriction guidelines, which would be one day a week on a designated day. That day depends on the last number of your address. You can get specifics for your community by going to our links at our special Water Crisis report.

Are there are specific restrictions on “water toys,” like Slip and Slide, or kid play sprinklers?

Swiftmud discourages the use of devices like Slip ‘n Slides, and some local restrictions totally prohibit them, so check with your local utility.

Are goverment properties exempt from these restrictions? I see the city of Temple Terrace watering medians several times a week.

Government properties also follow restrictions. Some medians use reclaimed; if in doubt, report the approximate location to and it will be checked into.

[Last modified: Apr 04, 2009 11:25 AM]

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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Roof Cleaning Brandon FL Charity 33511


It was an honor to clean this Brandon FL Roof.
The Emergency Care Help Center in Brandon Florida (ECHO) helps out those w/o any money to survive!
They provide free clothing and vouchers to help Folks having a hard time.
This Brandon, FL Charity is almost entirely supported by Community Donations.
I don’t think money for building or roof cleaning is in the Budget ?
“Thank You Father for giving me the skill of safely cleaning roofs, and providing an opportunity to use the skill you gave me to glorify YOU “

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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Tampa Roof Cleaning Volunteers !

Here we are doing some Volunteer Charity Roof Cleaning Work in The Brandon Florida Area.
At Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, we believe in giving something back to our Community.
The Tampa area has been good to us, making our roof cleaning company number one in the Tampa Bay Area.
Thank you people of Tampa for your confidence in us !
The information below is copied from the original text

Brandon – Tampa Volunteers + Apple Roof Cleaning
We are proud of our volunteer non pressure roof cleaning involvement in the Tampa area.

We are thankful that Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Of Tampa 813 655 8777 was kind enough to assist us again, in the roof and exterior cleaning of this Tampa area Charity.
Cleaning the older Asphalt Roofing Shingles of this Charity Project came out beautifully.

Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning’s equipment, personnel, and knowledge of Cleaning Asphalt Shingle Roofing, along with the help of our many volunteers, made the non pressure roof cleaning, and exterior chemical washing of this important Tampa area charity, come out beautifully.

Chris, the owner of Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, is a nationally known Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Expert.
He is the founder of the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America and a teacher of the latest Roof Cleaning Methods.

The Brandon Outreach Clinic helps out a lot of less fortunate adults and children w/o any medical insurance in the greater Tampa area.

Being on a limited budget, The Outreach Clinic can not always afford non pressure roof cleaning when it is needed.
Every dollar they receive is community donations from the Greater Tampa area.
This goes towards providing free medical care for area children, and others in need.

Though many of our members actually own pressure cleaning equipment, the Outreach Clinic’s building and asphalt shingle roof are quite old.

It was a group decision, made after consulting with Chris Tucker, and his son Jamie of Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning of Tampa, that any high pressure washing of the Outreach Clinic’s older asphalt shingle roof and building exterior would cause irreversible damage to this Tampa area community charity.

Brandon Singles Group thanks Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning of Tampa for the free repeated usage of their trucks, guidance, and non pressure roof cleaning expertise in this volunteer charity project.

If you are a quality single person in the Greater Tampa area, and would like to be a part of the Brandon Singles Group, free membership information can be found on our home page link below.

This all volunteer building exterior, and Tampa non pressure roof cleaning project, is but one example of how our members give something back to our Tampa community

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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Roof Cleaning 33812 Lakeland FL

Roof Cleaning Lakeland Florida 33812
Here are some roofs we cleaned in Lakeland and South Lakeland, FL 33812.
Lakeland is only 20 minutes away from our Home Roof Cleaning Office in Brandon.
My Mom lives in Polk City, Florida so we really like to clean roofs in Lakeland.
It gives us an “excuse” to drop in on Mom when we are done cleaning your roof and get some good Home Cookin!
We use a Non Pressure Roof Cleaning System to clean all roofs.
Our qualifications are on our Roof Cleaning Website.


7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777

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