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If you see that there are black streaks on your Tampa roof then it is a sure sign of algae formation on the roof shingles. It only means that the asphalt shingles have been invaded by roof algae and you need to treat it properly, otherwise your tampa asphalt shingle roof will appear very dirty and stained. It will mar the entire look of your house.
The fiberglass roofing shingles have sufficient moisture and environment which is conductive to the breeding of roof algae. Thus they breed really fast in the roof shingles.
You need to clean the asphalt roof shingles with roof cleaning chemicals which are specially formulated for it. Many Tampa house owners install copper shingles. They like the rich stately look of the copper shingles. The copper shingles do look great and marvelous when they are newly installed but they need maintenance. With the passage of time the natural elements play their role and the shingles appear dull and blackish or what we may also call “ugly”. It is very time consuming and tedious to clean and polish the copper shingles. You are not a roof cleaning professional and this job is not meant for you. You must always call a roof cleaning professional to clean the copper shingles. If you have spent a fortune getting copper shingles installed do spend a small amount in maintaining them too otherwise the fortune that you spent getting them installed will be a total waste!

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Can you really clean an older shingle roof in Tampa w/o using Pressure Cleaning? The major shingle manufacturers say the answer is yes. Older Asphalt and Fiberglass Roofing shingles suffering from a type of airborne algae common to Tampa Florida called Gloeocapsa Magma can be safely cleaned to restore the roof’s appearance. This algae appears as black stains or streaks on your roof. Roof Algae normally first appears on the north facing slopes of the roof where the prevailing amount of shade and moisture are present. The algae lands on the roof and feeds on nutrients in the shingles, as it rains the algae is spread down the roof causing the black streaks.

This condition will deteriorate the shingle roof prematurely by not letting the shingles reflect heat like they should. The good news is this algae can be killed and safely removed by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida using methods recommended by the major shingle manufacturers without causing damage to the roofing shingles. Having your Tampa Roof cleaned, while the shingles are still in good shape, is a great way to save yourself the cost of a total roof replacement by insuring you get the full life out of your roof.
Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida at 813 655 8777 for a free roof cleaning consultation.