Commercial Strip Mall Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 33647

Commercial Tile Roof Cleaning of a Tampa Strip Mall in the 1400 Block of Fletcher Ave, Tampa Fl 33647.

This Strip Mall was a cleaning job I was saving for the Tampa Roof Cleaning Roundtable in July.
The out of stste owner of this Tampa Strip Mall could not wait to have the tile roof and sidewalks cleaned until then.
We had a roof cleaning trainee down here in Tampa from Washington, DC this week.
So, I closed the deal on this Commercial Tile Roof Cleaning Job.
We originally bid 6500.00 on this job for all the tile roof surfaces and the filthy concrete cleaning.
I told the owner of this Tampa Strip mall we would do it for only 5500.00 IF he could wait until we had more roof cleaning trainees at the July Roof Cleaning Roundtable.
He made us an offer of 5,000.00 to do it NOW
So, off we went with 600 gallons of STRONG Apple Sauce Tile Roof Cleaning Chemical in one 300 gallon tank, and “Concrete Cleaning Apple Cider” in the other 300 gallon tank.
I SEVERLY underestimated the roof cleaning chemical needed to clean this Commercial Tile Roof
The concrete was SOO Bad, we decided to call in our friend Kory Finley from K and J Pressure Washing in Tampa.
Kory has a high GPM Hot Water Machine.
We allowed him 1000.00 for the concrete cleaning on this Tampa Strip Mall.
Kory is up in Tampa cleaning concrete as I post this.
The Commercial Roof Cleaning Pictures in this post are not complete.
We ran slap OUT of Chemical, and my guys are mixing a NEW 600 Gallon batch of Apple Cider Roof Cleaning Chemical as I post this.
Our roof cleaning trainee is in the Red Shirt.
He got in a LOT of work on this Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa
His plane left Tampa Airport at 5pm, so he is on his way back home.
We will go back to Tampa tomorrow, finish this commercial strip mall tile roof, and then go up to Tampa Palms to clean a couple more Residential Tile Roofs.
Fletcher Ave in Tampa is pretty close to Tampa Palms, so it will be a busy Tile Roof Cleaning 33647 day for us

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