Tampa HOA Minutes Of Meeting – Roof Cleaning Letters

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Below is an example of what goes on at a Tampa Homeowners Association Meeting:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

*Tampa Homeowners Association Meeting was opened at 4:05 p.m. with request for any questions or comments about the

previous minutes of August 16, 2006.

* Unanimous approval by HOA board members given to minutes of last Tampa HOA meeting,

August 16, 2006

* Brian Levitt reported on landscaping. Only two letters sent within last week regarding

landscape violations. Almost all homeowners are in compliance.

* Most homeowners do their landscaping work on weekends and all trimmings (palm

fronds, branches, etc.) should be put at curb Sunday evenings.

* If you have palm fronds and other landscaping debris before Sunday, please place

beside your house until Sunday evening. The exception: large pile of palm fronds and

other debris can be left neatly stacked for pick-up on Mondays.

* Sprinkler system has been off since pre-hurricane warning because we had rain daily.

(We can go 2-3 days without watering grass; too much water can damage the lawns.)

* Paul Griesmer says: “The irrigation can be utilized more infrequently now that we

have been having normal afternoon showers. The grass can go without the aid of

irrigation for about a week with our current weather conditions.”

* Andrea Sandrin reported on roofs, parking, garbage can violations and roof cleaning. There was only one

parking violation and several involving garbage cans left out longer than necessary.

* Homeowners should take hurricane shutters off in areas they don’t need to keep on

because of possible fire hazard.

* Ten letters have been sent out regarding roof cleaning; fifty homeowners have

complied to date.

* The proper way to clean roof tiles is to chemically clean the roof. Do not pressure wash roof.

Too much pressure will damage tiles and removes protective glaze or coating, causing

roof algae to grow back twice as fast.

* The roof tile cleaning should be done with a chemical roof cleaning solution, but be

sure to protect the landscaping and water down after roof cleaning (Paul Griesmer).

* Michael Clarchick volunteered to find a Tampa Roof Cleaning Company who is competent to clean a roof

chemically, and will give to Andrea to share with other homeowners.

* Lot # 66 needs violation letter regarding commercial vehicle with signage parked in


* No trespassing signs will be placed at the entrances to our Community in the coming


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