Pressure Washing Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning ??


What should I know about “Pressure Washing” my Tampa Tile Roof?

The only positive that comes with Pressure Washing or cleaning your Tampa Tile Roof is that temporally it looks clean. Let me explain.

Pressure Washing a Tile Roof by definition uses water pressure to blast away algae, mold, and mildew from the tile surface. In order to do this function to much pressure is used and the Pressure Washing process also removes color, sand and cement from the tile roof surface. This is the reason that the mold, mildew and Gleocapsa Algae come back so fast, the process has increased the surface pitting, the habitat where they can grow and multiply. Every Tile Roof Cleaning situation is different, but it would be safe to say that you will be pressure washing your tile roof again in 2 to 3 years. You are now scalping the surface of the tile and DAMAGING your very expensive tile roofing system. You would not knowingly do this to the surface of anything that you own. When you think of the cost of a tile roof, pressure washing or harsh chemical baths are not practical solutions.

The next negative will cost you money. People who pressure wash tile roofs do not do it every day. Walking on a tile roof is for Tile Roof Cleaning experts. Clearly, EVERYONE breaks tiles. The secret is taking the responsibility for what you have done and correcting the situation. The problem with pressure washers is that they have not been trained to resolve the broken tile situation and it is a lot easier to say nothing and leave the tile roof without solving the problem.

When a tile is broken it allows water to come in under the tiles. The first thing that gets wet are the wooden boards that are attached to the felt and plywood on your roof deck. The runner boards are used to attach the tile to the building. They are # 2 untreated wood and after they become wet they dry rot. After this dry rot occurs, you must either re-set the affected field area or replace the system. Pressure washing a tile roof is a very expensive way of attaining a temporary fix, ask any tampa roofing contractor ?

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Article Written By our friends at Albertsons Tile Roof Glaze

Partial Tampa Roof Cleaning Not Recommended


Partial Tampa Roof Cleaning Not Recommended

Roof stains in Tampa usually first appear on the northern-facing areas of a roof surface, as you’ve no doubt noticed. This is because these areas receive less sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere (it’s the other way around in the Southern Hemisphere, as roof cleaners in Australia could attest to). Sunlight aids in drying out the southern-facing slopes much more quickly after a rain, and since roof algae growth in Tampa is accelerated by moisture, you can see how sunlight plays a role. Direct UV rays from the sun also aid in retarding the growth of algae on these surfaces.

However, it’s important to understand that even though the sun helps to slow the growth of algae on southern-facing surfaces, it does not stop it. If you have stains beginning to develop on the northern-facing surfaces of your Tampa roof, it means that it’s just a matter of time before the entire roof is covered with algae stains. You might not yet see black stains on the southern-facing surfaces, but that doesn’t mean that algae hasn’t already taken root and begun to multiply in these areas.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have the whole roof surface cleaned, even though it may appear that stains are confined to one side of the roof. If you can see it somewhere on the roof, that means it’s everywhere on the roof. You can demand that your Tampa roof cleaning contractor only cleans the area where you can actually see black stains, but don’t be surprised when, 12 months later, that area is still clean but the rest of the roof is suddenly covered in now visible black algae.

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Article written by our friends at Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Tampa Roof Stains Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing


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Article written by our friends at Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Roof Stains in Tampa Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing
In my dealings with potential customers who want their black roof stains removed, I’ll sometimes run into someone who thinks the roof should be scrubbed clean with a hard-bristle brush in conjunction with some sort of cleaner. At first this roof cleaning “method” might seem to make sense, but it’s a definite no-no and I’ll tell you why.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you try to clean your Tampa roof stains with aggressive scrubbing or agitation, you’re going to lose a lot of shingle granules in the process. With enough force these will pop right off of asphalt shingles, which is why I also do not recommend roof cleaning with a power washer. Granules do more than just add the color to your shingles. They are vital to your roof’s health because they reflect sunlight, thus keeping your attic cooler and your AC bills lower. If you think your attic is warm now just climb up into one that is covered by a roof that is missing a lot of granules or is covered in black algae stains – you’ll probably notice the difference in temperature. In general, the quicker your roof loses granules the quicker it will lose its integrity, and the quicker you’ll need to get a new roof. So hopefully you can see how important this so-called “shingle grit” actually is.

The other reason you shouldn’t be scrubbing or pressure washing your roof is that in most cases it’s simply not necessary. I go into this in a lot more detail throughout this site, but the bottom line is that if your contractor is using the correct chemicals then no surface agitation should be required. You simply have a roof cleaning professional spray on the chemical with the help of a non-pressure pump

The only rare instance where a pressure washer might be useful is with very thick, green moss, but if all you have are black algae roof stains then you should have no need for scrubbing or power washing. Make the mistake of cleaning your roof with high-pressure or aggressive agitation and you will probably only shorten its lifespan. Using the right roof cleaning chemicals without pressure washing and you will extend your roof’s life.

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Lakewood Ranch 34202 Roof Cleaning

Appple Roof Cleaning for Lakewood Ranch 34202 is located in Brandon FL.
We clean a lot of both barrel tile roofs and asphalt shingle roofs in Brandenton and Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202.
Eastern Manatee County is just down I-75 from us!
Here are some Shingle Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 we just did.
Our Shingle Roof Cleaning customers told us our work “passed” the Lakewood Ranch HOA with flying colors!
If you have a roof in Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 that needs a safe, non pressure roof cleaning – give us a call ?
We offer free, no pressure roof cleaning estimate for Lakewood Ranch, FL customers right over the phone!
Find out EXACTLY what your Professional Roof Cleaning in Lakewood Ranch will cost, with NO “hidden charges”.
Apple Roof Cleaning is the Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year Award Winner for 2002!
We did not win this award by damaging our customers roofs, or ripping people off.
ALL Non Pressure Roof Cleaning in Lakewood Ranch is NOT “the same”.
Call us at 813-655-8777 to get your Lakewood Ranch Roof Cleaned Correctly!

APPLE ROOF CLEANING for  Lakewood Ranch Florida

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Tampa HOA Minutes Of Meeting – Roof Cleaning Letters

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Below is an example of what goes on at a Tampa Homeowners Association Meeting:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

*Tampa Homeowners Association Meeting was opened at 4:05 p.m. with request for any questions or comments about the

previous minutes of August 16, 2006.

* Unanimous approval by HOA board members given to minutes of last Tampa HOA meeting,

August 16, 2006

* Brian Levitt reported on landscaping. Only two letters sent within last week regarding

landscape violations. Almost all homeowners are in compliance.

* Most homeowners do their landscaping work on weekends and all trimmings (palm

fronds, branches, etc.) should be put at curb Sunday evenings.

* If you have palm fronds and other landscaping debris before Sunday, please place

beside your house until Sunday evening. The exception: large pile of palm fronds and

other debris can be left neatly stacked for pick-up on Mondays.

* Sprinkler system has been off since pre-hurricane warning because we had rain daily.

(We can go 2-3 days without watering grass; too much water can damage the lawns.)

* Paul Griesmer says: “The irrigation can be utilized more infrequently now that we

have been having normal afternoon showers. The grass can go without the aid of

irrigation for about a week with our current weather conditions.”

* Andrea Sandrin reported on roofs, parking, garbage can violations and roof cleaning. There was only one

parking violation and several involving garbage cans left out longer than necessary.

* Homeowners should take hurricane shutters off in areas they don’t need to keep on

because of possible fire hazard.

* Ten letters have been sent out regarding roof cleaning; fifty homeowners have

complied to date.

* The proper way to clean roof tiles is to chemically clean the roof. Do not pressure wash roof.

Too much pressure will damage tiles and removes protective glaze or coating, causing

roof algae to grow back twice as fast.

* The roof tile cleaning should be done with a chemical roof cleaning solution, but be

sure to protect the landscaping and water down after roof cleaning (Paul Griesmer).

* Michael Clarchick volunteered to find a Tampa Roof Cleaning Company who is competent to clean a roof

chemically, and will give to Andrea to share with other homeowners.

* Lot # 66 needs violation letter regarding commercial vehicle with signage parked in


* No trespassing signs will be placed at the entrances to our Community in the coming


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Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach FL Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning in Apollo Beach FL presents several challenges to the roof cleaning company.
Apollo Beach FL is right on Tampa Bay.
There is always a Sea Breeze in Apollo Beach that makes applying the roof cleaning chemical more difficult.
Apollo Beach is also near the TECO Smokestacks.
We find all Apollo Beach FL roofs to be heavily stained with soot from TECO.
Bird Droppings are also common when cleaning Apollo Beach Roofs.
There are many boaters/fishermen in Apollo Beach like us.
We love to Fish and go Boating on Tampa Bay.
Apollo Beach is one place we put our small boat in the waters of Tampa Bay.
Here are some Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach before and after pictures.
These customers we all very happy with their Roof Cleaning!




Apple Roof Cleaning Serves These Apollo Beach, FL areas.
Apollo Beach Communities of:
  • Roof Cleaning Andalucia
  • Bimini Bay
  • Braemar
  • Covington Park
  • Harbour Isles
  • Lake St Clair
  • Mira Lago
  • Mirabay / Mira Bay
  • Sabal Key
  • Southshore Falls
  • Roof Cleaning Symphony Isles

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Avila Roof Cleaning Services – Shingle Roof Cleaning – Tile Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Avila Tampa Florida 33613
Avila Roof Cleaning is something we do all the time.
Avila has some very large Tile and Shingle Roofs.
Some Avila Roofs are quite steep and unsafe to clean w/o a lift.
Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa (813) 655 8777 is experienced in the use of lifts for roof cleaning.
These Avila Roof Cleaning Customers were very happy with our services.
Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa, FL


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Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch FL 34202

Tile Roof Cleaning Experts Lakewood Ranch FL

Aple Roof Cleaning Tampa is located in Brandon FL.
We clean a lot of both barrel tile roofs and asphalt shingle roofs in Brandenton and Lakewood Ranch Florida.
Eastern Manatee County is just down I-75 from us!
Here is a Tile Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch FL we just did.
Our tile roof cleaning customer told us our work “passed” the Lakewood Ranch Homeowners Association with flying colors!
If you have a roof in Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch FL that needs a cleaning – give us a call ?
We offer free shingle or tile roof cleaning estimate right over the phone.


(813)655 8777

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Avila Tile Roof Cleaning – Tampa Florida

Here is an Avila Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida we did last year.
This Avila Slate Tile Roof was 10,000 Sq Ft and a 2 story.
The Slate Roofing Tiles are very brittle and can not be walked on.
So we used our Manlift to clean the Avila Tile Rooof.

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Roof Stain Removal Tampa FL


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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa offers safe, non pressure roof stain removal in the Greater Tampa Bay Florida area.
We have been cleaning roof stains in the Tampa area over 15 years.
Cleaning Mold and Mildew Stains is safe and economical with our advanced roof cleaning chemical.
Here you can see us performing roof stain removal on a Church near Tampa.
As you can see, our roof cleaning chemical is highly emulsified.
This makes the roof cleaning chemicals stick to a roof longer.
This allows us to use a safer mold and mildew stains cleaning solution.
It is also safer for plants and the environment because the roof stain removal chemicals are staying on the ROOF – not running all over the landscaping and your home.
Roof Stain Removal in Tampa doesn’t get any better then this.
Apple Roof Stain Removal of Tampa is NOT “just another Tampa Roof Cleaning Company”
We are Certified by the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America and teachers of the Roof Stain Removal Trade.

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Here is a good roof cleaning article:
On roofs afflicted with algae, cleaning is a good idea
Submitted by SHNS on Mon, 09/14/2009 – 13:25 By SUSAN BANKS, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As if homeowners don’t have enough chores to keep them busy, many shingle manufacturers now recommend periodic cleaning of the roof surface.
You heard right. Many roofs need to be washed to keep them in good shape.
The black streaks seen on many roofs are algae growth which, left unchecked, can shorten the life expectancy of the roof by feeding on the limestone filler used in some newer shingles, according to GAF Materials Corp. of Wayne, N.J., a manufacturer of roofing products since 1886. Proper cleaning can kill the algae.
Frank Shuster of South Park, Pa., noticed the stains on his roof several seasons ago. After replacing the original roof, which Shuster says never had an algae problem, he noticed the unsightly streaking on his new roof about three years after it was installed.
“It was downright ugly,” he says.
He climbed up on the roof with a jug of chlorine bleach to see if it would alleviate the problem. It did, but he says the idea of cleaning the entire roof with bleach did not appeal to him, so he called several roofing contractors about the problem to no avail.
After seeing a flier distributed by Pittsburgh Roof Cleaners, he made arrangements with the company to have his roof cleaned. According to company owner Michael Inks, this type of service is relatively new to Pittsburgh but is quite common in the hot, humid Southern states, where algae can be an extreme problem.
Afflicted roofs have dark streaks that are usually most prominent on the lower section of the roof and taper off as they reach the ridge. The discoloration is caused by the algae’s protective sheath, which turns dark to protect the organism from ultraviolet rays.
Inks first heard about roof cleaning from a man in West Virginia.
“I went to visit the guy and he took me out to a couple of jobs and showed me how it works,” he says.
While algae issues are more serious in the humid South, other parts of the country can have problems too, especially on northern exposures, which receive less sunlight.
Inks’ process, which uses a proprietary solution that includes bleach, can be performed on most roofs in about two hours. Cost starts at $395.
Shuster, whose bill was $525, asked if the cleaning solution would damage his landscaping.
“I was really concerned about overspray and the wind blowing some of these chemicals on my shrubs,” he says. “But they covered the shrubbery and also hosed it down with water during the procedure.
“The vast majority of what they applied went into the rain gutters.”
The need for roof cleaning depends on the severity of environmental contaminants, the frequency of rainfall, the propensity for dirt and dust accumulation, the roof slope and draining characteristics.
There are cleaning recipes available for the do-it-yourselfer, but GAF recommends that the job be left to professionals.
Inks’ company provides a two-year warranty against the return of streaks and offers extended maintenance contracts. It also can clean slate and tile roofs.
If you are thinking of putting on a new roof, you can try to eliminate the need for this chore by requesting that your contractor install algae-resistant shingles.
Susan Banks can be reached a sbanks(at) For more stories visit
Must credit Pittsburgh Post-Gazette