Tampa Roof Stains Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing


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Article written by our friends at Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Roof Stains in Tampa Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing
In my dealings with potential customers who want their black roof stains removed, I’ll sometimes run into someone who thinks the roof should be scrubbed clean with a hard-bristle brush in conjunction with some sort of cleaner. At first this roof cleaning “method” might seem to make sense, but it’s a definite no-no and I’ll tell you why.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you try to clean your Tampa roof stains with aggressive scrubbing or agitation, you’re going to lose a lot of shingle granules in the process. With enough force these will pop right off of asphalt shingles, which is why I also do not recommend roof cleaning with a power washer. Granules do more than just add the color to your shingles. They are vital to your roof’s health because they reflect sunlight, thus keeping your attic cooler and your AC bills lower. If you think your attic is warm now just climb up into one that is covered by a roof that is missing a lot of granules or is covered in black algae stains – you’ll probably notice the difference in temperature. In general, the quicker your roof loses granules the quicker it will lose its integrity, and the quicker you’ll need to get a new roof. So hopefully you can see how important this so-called “shingle grit” actually is.

The other reason you shouldn’t be scrubbing or pressure washing your roof is that in most cases it’s simply not necessary. I go into this in a lot more detail throughout this site, but the bottom line is that if your contractor is using the correct chemicals then no surface agitation should be required. You simply have a roof cleaning professional spray on the chemical with the help of a non-pressure pump

The only rare instance where a pressure washer might be useful is with very thick, green moss, but if all you have are black algae roof stains then you should have no need for scrubbing or power washing. Make the mistake of cleaning your roof with high-pressure or aggressive agitation and you will probably only shorten its lifespan. Using the right roof cleaning chemicals without pressure washing and you will extend your roof’s life.

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