Green Roof Cleaning Tampa FL


Green Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida ?


Is it really “GREEN ROOF CLEANING” for Tampa Customers

The photo above shows us applying roofing manufacturer approved, shingle roof cleaning chemicals, to a Tampa FL roof.

One of over 15,000 Roofs we have safely cleaned in Tampa w/o any “Green Roof Cleaning” nonesense.

Ask any roofer in Tampa about Apple Roof Cleaning.

Our good reputation with Tampa Roofing Contractors speaks for itself.

RCIA Roof Cleaning
Our owner is a nationally recognized non pressure roof cleaning expert. Roof Cleaning Institute Of America

We follow the ARMA recommended non pressure roof cleaning chemical suggestions of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

We see some advertising a so called “No Pressure, Environmentally Safe, “Green Roof Cleaning” method.”

The ads seem almost too good to be true.

No bleach, EPA Registered, safe for plants and pets, biodegradable, non toxic, made by a chemist, environmentally friendly, everything they think you want to hear about their so called “Green Roof Cleaning for Tampa“.

But, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember, that’s a plant growing on your roof, so if its safe for plants, how can the “Green Roof Cleaning” kill the one growing on your roof ?

Do you want to get your shingle roof cleaned every 6 months ?

Sodium Hydroxide, one of the active ingredients these so called “Green Roof Cleaning” companies use, is extremely caustic and corrosive, just click on this link Unsafe Roof Cleaning Link
Strong Sodium Hydroxide chemical roof cleaning solutions can cause the granules to start falling off your shingles by dissolving the glue holding them in place.

Still want that “Green Roof Cleaning” stuff on your roof ???

The Consumer Product Safety Commission published a voluntary recall of one of these unapproved ” Green Roof Cleaning Chemicals” and you will soon see why ! Roof Cleaner Recall

High levels of Sodium Hydroxide, yuk !

Perhaps they really are not as “environmentally friendly, non toxic, biodegradable “Green Roof Cleaning Chemicals” as claimed the “Green Tampa Roof Cleaning Company” ?

These Sodium Hydroxide chemical solutions are applied by the ” Green Roof Cleaning Company”, they wait 30 minutes for it to “work”, and then they are rinsed off, supposedly with no pressure.

But how do you KNOW its really “no pressure” ??

If it really is “Non Pressure Green Roof Cleaning”, then why are they using a Pressure Washer or special pump to rinse it off, DUH ?

Remember, this un approved green roof cleaning chemical takes 30 minutes to work, and if a spot is missed, or the Sodium Hydroxide didn’t “take”, they must re – apply the harmful green roof cleaning chemical, and then wait another 30 minutes.

Don’t think for a minute that someone is going to sit there waiting another 30 minutes out in the hot sun to re – apply the “green roof cleaning” chemical.

They are simply going to get down off the roof, and turn up the pressure washing machine, until the high pressure removes the spots the “green roof cleaning chemical” missed !

So now the “Green Roof Cleaning” has turned into regular old pressure washing.

IF they were really using “no pressure roof cleaning” why don’t they just simply wait for a good rain to rinse it off, or use a garden hose ?

Because the “Green Roof Cleaning” chemical will not rinse off with a good rain or a garden hose, and it wont rinse off with low enough pressure to not remove the granules from your roof.

The Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer’s know this, and that’s one of many reasons you will NEVER see a letter of approval from ARMA for this dangerous type of roof pressure washing.

Don’t be fooled by the claims of it’s EPA registered, environmentally safe, made to clean roofs, safe for plants, environmentally friendly, no more pressure than a Garden Hose, etc.

Protect yourself.

Call your local Tampa – Brandon Florida area roofing contractor, have they ever heard of them, or know of any asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof they have chemically cleaned ?

Can they produce references from Shingle Manufacturers, or roofing contractors, proving they are competent to chemically clean your roof?

Are they really roof cleaning experts, and is their Main Business Cleaning Roofs In Tampa ?

Sodium Hydroxide is used to strip paint, is an active ingredient in Drain openers, is extremely corrosive, and causes severe burns.

Go ahead, click the link near the top of the page, see for yourself.

Still want that so called “Green Roof Cleaning” chemical on your roof?

Neither do the makers of your roof shingles, and neither does your roofer.

There is no need to “Go Green” for Roof Cleaning.

So called “Green Roof Cleaning” is NOTHING new, just a marketing ploy, designed to mislead people needing roof cleaning, who care about the Planet we all live on.

If you want to really Go Green Roof Cleaning in Tampa“, here is how to do it.

Simply have your roof pressure washed, that is as Green as roof cleaning gets, since only water is used.

Unfortunately, ANY pressure used on your roof will ruin it, or shorten roof life!

Call 813 655 8777 for a free telephone estimate/consultation exposing “Green Roof Cleaning” for the BS it is, from Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Of Tampa Florida.

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