Pressure Washing And Roof Cleaning Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning in the Tampa Florida area

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Why should I have the exterior of my residence or business cleaned?
Not only is it important to maintain a clean property for the aesthetic value and much-desired curb appeal, but also to provide lasting protection against building material degradation. When mold, mildew, algae and other environmental pollutants found here in the Tampa Florida area are allowed to remain on the exterior surfaces of a property, they can contribute to premature paint failure, and can also cause permanent staining on concrete, gutters, and pool decks.

tile roof cleaning tampa before cleaningtile roof cleaning tampa after cleaning

How long can I expect my property to stay clean?
Each and every property here in the Tampa Florida area is its own unique situation, but on average, most surfaces will stay clean for about one to 2 years. Some roof surfaces like shingles can stay clean for up to three years or longer, and less for barrel and flat tile roofs. There are many determining factors and environmental variables. Trees for instance, will create shaded and damp areas, creating an ideal environment for algae and mildew to develop and thrive in. Unusually dry or damp weather conditions can also have a direct effect on the length of time that a surface will stay clean. During periods of drought, all surfaces will stay clean longer, due to the reduction in moisture and humidity.

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What causes those Black Stains on my roof?
The black streaks and stains seen on many roofs here in Tampa are caused by an algae, technically known as gloeocapsa magma. Once present in an area, the algae can quickly spread by airborne spores being carried from rooftop to rooftop by the wind, birds and other small critters. All roof types, including asphalt and fiberglass shingle, cement, ceramic and clay tile as well as wood shake or metal are susceptible to algae infestation. Our heat and humidity greatly accelerate the formation and growth of these black roof stains.

Can a roof be cleaned with a pressure washer?
Honestly, yes, roofs can be pressure washed. Is it a good idea? Absolutely not! Highly pressurized water can temporarily remove the visible stains, but the toll it takes on the shingle and tile roofing material can be extremely costly. Not only does it not destroy all the algae spores, but it can remove granules from shingled roofs and cause color-fading on tile roofs. Since pressure washing spreads the still living algae spores all over, it is not unusual to have to have your home and driveway cleaned, after the roof  has been pressure washed!

The shingle roof in the picture below is located in Tampa Palms.  These folks got a roof cleaning letter from their homeowners association. They called us for an estimate, but decided to have their shingle roof pressure washed by some other company, because it was a little cheaper. Their roof is ruined, as you can see, this damage is permanent!

Roof After Pressure Washing

Replacing a roof here in Tampa is expensive, not to mention the stress and frustration of having to do so because of a prematurely failing roofing system, that’s been damaged by too much pressure.

clay-tile-roof-repair-tampa florida

Water leaks can also be a major concern. Often these leaks go undetected for weeks or months, causing even more damage to the wooden trusses and rafters in the attic areas.The above-mentioned questions are but a few of the many routinely asked.

cleaning roof-001

Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions or concerns that you may have by calling us at 813.655.8777.

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning is the safest and most effect way to win the battle in the Tampa Florida area, against those nasty mold and mildew stains growing on the top side of your roof shingles or tiles.

Roof stains not only look bad aesthetically, they also lessen the effectiveness of your shingles and tiles. These stains actually reduce the shingles ability to release the Central Florida heat, which then becomes trapped in your attic, increasing your air conditioning cost. After all, electricity bills from Tampa Electric Company are not cheap !

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa understands the importance of maintaining a very clean work environment. We also take the extra care to not damage any of your trees, landscaping, shrubbery or yard.  All our men are highly trained roof cleaning professionals.

Neither small children or pets will be harmed by our non pressure chemical cleaning process.

Our chemical formulas are approved, recommended and provided by ARMA, GAF and Owens Corning. All plants and bushes are covered or watered down before, during and after your home or roof cleaning to insure the utmost care is taken of each and every home!

From start to finish the entire process will be handled in the highest professional manner. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813 655 8777 thanks you again for the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Cleaning Asphalt & Fiberglass Shingle Roofs

Whether selling your home or restoring its good looks…Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa can help!

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Asphalt shingled roof streaked and stained by algae

Your shingle roof has a common algae growing on it called gloecapsa magma. It typically grows on the north side of the roof, or where there are low overhanging branches or an abundance of shade. Once algae is noticeable, it will quickly spread and darken. After algae has begun, moss may eventually follow. Moss is harmful since it actually grows roots into the granules and causes them to lift. By removing algae you take the best step toward preventing future moss damage.

Roof immediately after being cleaned

Roof Cleaning Carrollwood 33624

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa’s process involves applying an industry approved solution to the infected roof. The solution kills the algae and moss and keeps it from returning for typically 5 years. Our cleaning process will not harm your roof,

Call us at 813 655 8777 to get an idea how much your shingle roof cleaning will cost.

Apollo Beach Tile Roof Cleaning

Here are some before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures of a home we did in Apollo Beach.
Non Pressure Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach, FLNon Pressure Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach, FLNon Pressure Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach, FLNon Pressure Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach, FL

As you can see, this tile roof was pretty dirty, and had a lot of landscaping, and no gutters. This meant we had to work slowly, and be careful to rinse the cleaning chemicals off the plants right away, to prevent any damage.

Our customer was aware of the chance of a damaged plant or two, but was OK with this, and said it was a lot better situation, then to have his roof tiles busted up by all the walking around that pressure washing requires.

I think we yellowed the top of one bush a little, but it was good to go in a few weeks. In return, our customer got a properly cleaned tile roof he can be proud of for many years.

This home was right on a canal in Apollo Beach, and the owner gave us permission to fish in there, during Snook season!


On roofs afflicted with algae, cleaning is a good idea

This is a good article from the Pittsburgh Gazette about Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Bradenton FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282Roof Cleaning Bradenton FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282

This As if homeowners don’t have enough chores to keep them busy, many shingle manufacturers now recommend periodic cleaning of the roof surface.
You heard right. Many roofs need to be washed to keep them in good shape.
The black streaks seen on many roofs are algae growth which, left unchecked, can shorten the life expectancy of the roof by feeding on the limestone filler used in some newer shingles, according to GAF Materials Corp. of Wayne, N.J., a manufacturer of roofing products since 1886. Proper cleaning can kill the algae.
Frank Shuster of South Park, Pa., noticed the stains on his roof several seasons ago. After replacing the original roof, which Shuster says never had an algae problem, he noticed the unsightly streaking on his new roof about three years after it was installed.
“It was downright ugly,” he says.
He climbed up on the roof with a jug of chlorine bleach to see if it would alleviate the problem. It did, but he says the idea of cleaning the entire roof with bleach did not appeal to him, so he called several roofing contractors about the problem to no avail.
After seeing a flier distributed by Pittsburgh Roof Cleaners, he made arrangements with the company to have his roof cleaned. According to company owner Michael Inks, this type of service is relatively new to Pittsburgh but is quite common in the hot, humid Southern states, where algae can be an extreme problem.
Afflicted roofs have dark streaks that are usually most prominent on the lower section of the roof and taper off as they reach the ridge. The discoloration is caused by the algae’s protective sheath, which turns dark to protect the organism from ultraviolet rays.
Inks first heard about roof cleaning from a man in West Virginia.
“I went to visit the guy and he took me out to a couple of jobs and showed me how it works,” he says.
While algae issues are more serious in the humid South, other parts of the country can have problems too, especially on northern exposures, which receive less sunlight.
Inks’ process, which uses a proprietary solution that includes bleach, can be performed on most roofs in about two hours. Cost starts at $395.
Shuster, whose bill was $525, asked if the cleaning solution would damage his landscaping.
“I was really concerned about overspray and the wind blowing some of these chemicals on my shrubs,” he says. “But they covered the shrubbery and also hosed it down with water during the procedure.
“The vast majority of what they applied went into the rain gutters.”
The need for roof cleaning depends on the severity of environmental contaminants, the frequency of rainfall, the propensity for dirt and dust accumulation, the roof slope and draining characteristics.
There are cleaning recipes available for the do-it-yourselfer, but GAF recommends that the job be left to professionals.
Inks’ company provides a two-year warranty against the return of streaks and offers extended maintenance contracts. It also can clean slate and tile roofs.
If you are thinking of putting on a new roof, you can try to eliminate the need for this chore by requesting that your contractor install algae-resistant shingles.
Susan Banks can be reached a sbanks(at) For more stories visit
Must credit Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Soft Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa FL
Roof before soft roof cleaning
Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa FL
Roof after soft roof cleaning

This customer had a roof that was ruined once by pressure washing, and was selling his home. He called to ask if we did Soft Roof Cleaning.  I jokingly told him we try not to clean any soft roofs. He laughed too, and explained he had a home up in North Tampa that his realtor told him to get the shingle roof cleaned on, and he did not want any pressure washing. I explained to him his realtor would never send him to any people who would ruin his roof.

Though the shingles were over 10 years old, you can see the results our soft roof cleaning made.


Non Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

Here is a Barrel Tile Roof in Tampa that we cleaned and treated yesterday 6 – 6 – 2017. We cleaned this roof over 4 years ago, and it really was not all that dirty. But our customers have a very very fussy homeowners association, and received a “clean your roof or else” letter.  So, we were called to clean the it again, basically to make the HOA happy.  Because their barrel tile roof was not entirely dirty, we charged this customer accordingly.

Tampa Barrel Tile Roof
Dirty Barrel Tile Roof
Tampa Barrel Tile Roof 33602
Non Pressure Cleaned Barrel Tile Roof

These customers are awesome people, and fellow hockey fans, who own seasons tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a pleasure to clean their barrel tile roof again, and have the chance to talk about sports with our customer.

Tile Roof Cleaning Technology has advanced in the 4 years since we last did this job, and since we are nationally known teachers of our trade, we have to stay up on the latest methods and chemicals.  The non pressure roof treatment chemicals we use today are far superior to what was available to us 4 years ago.


Tile Roof Cleaning Explosion Tampa Florida

It seems like everyone is offering tile roof cleaning in Tampa these days. We have painters, handymen, and yard guys cleaning roofs. Before you even consider hiring one of these jack of all trades, masters of none, see what happened to these people in the Hunters Green community in New Tampa, who hired the wrong tile roof cleaning company.

Worker severely burned in chemical explosion

By Times Staff Writer
Published January 17, 2004

clay-tile-roof-repair-tampa floridaTAMPA – A container with an acid residue exploded Friday morning in New Tampa, severely burning a 36-year-old man.

Investigators say Kenneth Toledo, a Tampa man who owns a pressure washing business, poured chlorine and water into the container, which had previously been used to apply an acid wash. The container had not been properly rinsed, and the resulting chemical reaction caused the explosion, officials said.

The container exploded as Toledo scaled a ladder to clean the roof of a Hunter’s Green home in the 17800 block of Osprey Point Place, pelting Toledo with chemicals and shrapnel. He was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital. His condition was unknown Friday.

The explosion also blew a 2-foot-wide hole in the roof. Tile was scattered about the driveway.

Here is another example of roof cleaning incompetence, here in the Tampa Florida area. This customer allowed some local roof cleaning company to pressure wash his roof, and here are the results.

The picture on the right shows the roof before it was pressure washed, and the picture on the left shows the permanent damage caused by the so called Tampa Roof Cleaning Company.

Some shingle and tile roofs are ruined by sheer incompetence, by non trained people out to make a fast buck, and others are ruined by people who just don’t care if they ruin your roof, or not.  Proper roof  cleaning chemicals are expensive, and require an extra person to protect the plants, as the roof is being cleaned.  Some roof cleaners in Tampa skip the expensive chemicals, and use high pressure instead, and since they are not using any chemicals, have no need to hire another helper to protect your plants. Often, the damage to your roof takes awhile to show up, and it will be far too late to stop payment.

Apple Roof Cleaning has been cleaning roofs here in the Tampa area over 25 years. We have safely cleaned over 30,000 roofs. We are the Chamber Of Commerce small business of the year winners for 2002. We did not win this award by ripping people off, or damaging our customers roofs cleaning roof-001

In fact, we are so good at what we do, we teach others the proper ways to clean shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

This certificate is your assurance of roof cleaning competence.

Here are just a few examples of some of our past tile roof cleaning work we have done. All of these homes were in a 75 mile radius of Tampa Florida.


We would like to be your roof cleaning company, so if you need our roof cleaning service, simply call us at 813 655 8777 for a free, no obligation estimate.

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

RCIA-logoOur Unique Non Pressure cleaning process is not only used on shingle and tile roofs, but also on most exterior surfaces.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa can safely handle all your exterior cleaning needs.

We absolutely use NO high-pressure washing to clean any surface.

In the past, some people here in Tampa used a  pressure washer to clean up their mold  and mildew problem. Pressure cleaning does not solve your problem

it only makes it worse.


Pressure washing is just like trimming your shrubs, when it grows back, it is heavier and thicker, the reason is that pressure cleaning leaves the fungus root and does not kill it. 

We have a safe chemical roof and exterior cleaning and treatment that completely eradicates the mold, mildew spore and root. It is applied by 45 PSI precision pneumatic  pump system, and we use no more water pressure than what comes out of your garden hose, just to rinse the non pressure cleaning chemicals off.

Basically, the chemical does the job for us.

Not only does our chemical cleaning process outlast conventional pressure washing.

 The algaecide chemical treatment will do a better job than

a pressure washer guaranteed.


Give us a call at area code 813-655-8777 and let us give you a free roof cleaning estimate today.

Tampa’s Best Tile And Shingle Roof Cleaners

Learn About Our Roof and Exterior Cleaning Process

Apple Roof Cleaning  has been in business here in the Tampa Florida area over 20 years. We won the Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year award in 2002. We have safely cleaned over 20.000 shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

Our Unique cleaning process is not only used on roofs, but also for

Shingle Roof Cleaned In Riverview Floridaall exterior cleaning needs.

We absolutely use NO high-pressure washing to clean any surface.

In the past, people here in Tampa Florida used  pressure washers to clean up their mold  and mildew problem. Pressure Washing does not solve your problem.

it only makes it worse.


Pressure washing a tile or shingle roof in Tampa is just like trimming your shrubs, when the algae grows back, it is heavier and thicker, the reason is that pressure washing leaves the fungus root and does not kill it.

We have a safe chemical cleaning and treatment process that completely eradicates the mold, mildew spore and root. It is applied by 45 PSI air powered pump system, and we use no more water pressure than what comes out of your garden hose just to rinse it off.

Basically, the cleaning chemical does the job for us.

Not only will our chemical cleaning process outlast conventional pressure cleaning.

Our  chemical cleaning and treatment will do a better job than

a pressure washer guaranteed.


Give us a call today at 813 655 8777 and let us give you a free estimate by telephone today.