Softwash Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

Apple Roof Cleaning has been cleaning shingle and tile roofs in the Tampa area since 1999. We greatly prefer to call our roof cleaning service exactly what it is, Non Pressure Roof Cleaning. However, for some reason, several states up North call No Pressure Roof Cleaning “Softwashing” or “Softwash Roof Cleaning”.  Since many of our potential customers have moved here to the Tampa Florida area from these northern states, we want to be sure they find us, in  a Google Search.  So, what that said, here is a Softwash Roof Cleaning we did recently in Tampa.


As you can see, this was an older home, with a very old asphalt shingle roof.  Because the roof had previously been Pressure Washed, quite a lot of the shingle granules were missing, and they are what determines the color and appearance of a shingle roof.

Still, we were able to make this customer happy, so he could get his home on the market, and get it sold.

img_0033 It was a hot day in Tampa, when we completed this job, and the customers Dog “kept us company” all day long, so we “rewarded” him with a good squirtdown from the hose we use to water your plants with. He loved it 🙂

So, if you are in need of a softwash roof cleaning in a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay, give us a call at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.

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