Tile Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach Florida

Roof Algae Cleaning Tampa FloridaRoof Algae Cleaning Tampa Florida

We clean quite a few tile and shingle roofs in Apollo Beach. Here is a flat concrete tile roof in the beautiful community of Symphony Isles, a waterfront community on Tampa Bay. Usually, the Symphony Isles Homeowners Association will not allow a tile roof in their community to get this filthy, but this home was tied up in court proceedings for quite some time. The new owner asked what company he should hire to clean his flat concrete tile roof, and we were recommended by several of his new neighbors, probably because we do so much work in this Apollo Beach community.  As you can see by the before and after pictures, this concrete tile roof was restored to it’s original beauty, though it is nearly 25 years old! Roof Cleaning Lithia Florida 33547Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 33547

When we clean a concrete tile roof, we adjust our cleaning mixture accordingly.  We are able to make a strong tile roof cleaning mixture because we don’t have to be concerned about stripping the glaze off the tiles, as we would on a ceramic tile roof. Also, because much of Apollo Beach is near, or right on Tampa Bay, many roofs have Seagull Poop and soot from the Tampa Electric Company Smokestacks all over them, in addition to the Black Mold and Algae. This Poop and Soot affect the PH of our tile roof cleaning solution, so we must add extra cleaning chemicals to compensate! When properly cleaned, a concrete tile roof can be a beautiful thing, but not with a half ass cleaning. We do not do 1/2 ass work, we are perfectionists.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

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