The Best Roof Cleaning Company In Tampa

IMG_1406IMG_1409RCIA-logoThe unemployment rate here in the Tampa Bay area is the lowest it has been in many many years. This means that all the good people are working, but unfortunately, so are all the questionable roof cleaning services.  It seems everybody and their brother is cleaning roofs these days. Yard Guys, Handymen, Painters, you get the idea. Jack’s of all trades, but masters of none. Apple Roof Cleaning is different, we are a real roof cleaning company, and have been cleaning tile, metal,and shingle roofs in the Tampa Florida area over 25 years. We are not just another roof cleaning company, we are nationally known Teachers of our Trade, the founders of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.


Usually, the best Doctors can be found at teaching Hospitals. Most roof cleaners learned from us, or someone we taught, so why hire a student to clean your roof, when you can hire the teachers ?

So, if you want the best roof cleaning company in the Tampa area, congratulations, you have found us! We are also fully insured, and that means we have real Workers Comp. By real Workers Comp, we mean we are actually covered to be on your roof.  Several Tampa Roof Cleaning Service’s advertise that they have Workers Comp, but beware!  Many are not covered to be on a roof! These liars go and get Workers Comp under a Janitor’s Code to save themselves Money, and will tell you, or even show you their Workers Comp Certificate, hoping you will not check to be sure they are covered to be on a roof. Real Workers Comp to be on a roof is very expensive, but it protects you in case someone falls off your roof.  We don’t play those kind of games with our customers.

Sure, we could play games to be a little more inexpensive by not being properly insured, or cleaning roofs with one man, instead of 2 or 3, or by using uninsured independent contractors instead of employees, but that is not how we do business.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

After all, we did not win the Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002 by cutting corners, or compromising our customers property.

We give free, immediate estimates, by telephone. The roof cleaning estimate you receive is the price you will pay, maybe less. If we determine your tile or shingle roof only needs a partial cleaning, we will adjust your estimate. Most of our customers are repeat customers, and we depend on repeat business. We are not looking to close a sale, we are looking to open a long term relationship with our customers. We want to be your roof cleaning company, now, and in the future!

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