Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

RCIA-logoOur Unique Non Pressure cleaning process is not only used on shingle and tile roofs, but also on most exterior surfaces.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa can safely handle all your exterior cleaning needs.

We absolutely use NO high-pressure washing to clean any surface.

In the past, some people here in Tampa used a  pressure washer to clean up their mold  and mildew problem. Pressure cleaning does not solve your problem

it only makes it worse.


Pressure washing is just like trimming your shrubs, when it grows back, it is heavier and thicker, the reason is that pressure cleaning leaves the fungus root and does not kill it. 

We have a safe chemical roof and exterior cleaning and treatment that completely eradicates the mold, mildew spore and root. It is applied by 45 PSI precision pneumatic  pump system, and we use no more water pressure than what comes out of your garden hose, just to rinse the non pressure cleaning chemicals off.

Basically, the chemical does the job for us.

Not only does our chemical cleaning process outlast conventional pressure washing.

 The algaecide chemical treatment will do a better job than

a pressure washer guaranteed.


Give us a call at area code 813-655-8777 and let us give you a free roof cleaning estimate today.

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