What you should know about cleaning your roof in Tampa


Your house is most likely your biggest investment and your shingle or tile roof is one of the most expensive and fragile parts of your house. It is extremely important to have the utmost in confidence in your decision before hiring any Tampa roof cleaning service.

Chamber Of Commerce Roof Cleaning Business Of The Year Winner.

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa uses only cleaning agents and methods approved and suggested by Shingle Manufacturer’s  and the  RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) and we never use pressure washers on your shingles. Our methods provide enough cleaning power to remove all mold, mildew, and black streaks…without any pressure washing or dangerous heavy rinsing.


We 100% guarantee your roof will look brand new!

We always use a non-pressure cleaning process for your roof. Roof cleaning is a completely different trade from pressure washing requiring different pumps, plumbing, hoses, nozzles, valves, chemicals, caution, knowledge, experience, skill, and insurance. We have all of the necessary tools, and have learned from, and taught, the best safe roof cleaning professionals in the country.


Our cleaning agents do all of the work to remove streaks, stains and discoloration from your roof and require no pressure or heavy rinsing. Because we do not have to rinse, your roof will stay cleaner longer than our competitors. Leaving the cleaning agents on the roof creates a hostile environment for future algae growth. Each time it rains, a small amount of detergent is washed off to help re-clean your roof over and over again.

Roof Cleaning Tampa - HOA Roof Cleaning Letter Roof Cleaning Tampa - HOA Roof Cleaning Letter

Concerned about your plants, pets, and landscaping?

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa only sprays the roof, not your plants. We always bag the ends of your downspouts, collect all the  run-off from the roof and dispose of them away from your landscaping. If the roof does not have gutters we will thoroughly dilute the roof cleaning agent down to safe levels by spraying the landscaping with water before, during, and after applying cleaner. After the cleaning agents biodegrade and evaporate from the roof, the dried crystals and surfactant act as a roof treatment to keep the roof cleaner, longer as it rains.

We offer a 1 year “No Matter What”  unconditional warranty against any black streaks reappearing on your tiles or shingles.

You dont have to replace your roof because of black stains and streaks. Save yourself thousands of dollars and add years of life to your roof by having it cleaned by Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa Florida.

Call now for a FREE estimate.

Call us now at 813-655-8777 for a free consultation and estimate on your roof cleaning cost.


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