Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms 33647

Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms 33647

Big Tampa Palms Tile Roof

Cleaned Tile Roof!
Cleaned Tile Roof!

Here is a tile roof we cleaned for the second time, located in Tampa Palms, in the 33647 zip code.

This tile roof stayed clean nearly 5 years. It was not really bad, but she wanted it spotless for the XMas Holidays.

It means a lot when our customers remember us, and use our roof cleaning service again.




One thought on “Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms 33647

  1. I forgot to add that our customer had a lot of expensive landscaping and palm trees, and none were effected by our roof cleaning chemical. This home has a tile roof, and no gutters, like many houses here in the Tampa area.
    We had to take extra special precautions when cleaning this roof, to make sure all the plants and Palm Trees were protected from the run off.

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