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Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa, Florida  specializes in just ONE thing, the non pressure chemical cleaning of roofs.
All of our trucks have two men, and sometimes 3 men crews.
When our roof man is applying the chemical cleaning solution, our ground men are busy protecting your plants and home from over spray.
As a general rule, we do NOT cover or tarp your plants, except in unusual circumstances.
Covering the Plants to "protect" them "sounds good", but can cause more problems then it "solves".

And “One Man Tampa Roof Cleaning Wannabee’s” have no choice but to tarp plants when cleaning roofs, since they choose to save themselves money, by working alone!

The heat from covering plants is a sure way of causing heat stress.
Back 14 years ago before we KNEW any better, we wiped out whole hedges of plants, and killed flowers from heat stroke, in an effort to "protect" them from the cleaning chemicals with Tarps.
Another problem is the dripping chemical solution hits the tarps, and splashes everywhere.
This can easily spot and possibly remove the paint on your walls, as well as work it’s way out to your lawn, and on your windows.

The roof cleaning chemical emits Fumes.These Fumes get trapped under a Tarp, and can easily damage your Plants.

Another problem with tarping is WHAT do you do with the run off trapped in big toxic puddles in the tarp ?
A big concentrated puddle of cleaning chemicals can easily NUKE a spot in your lawn that NO plant will ever grown in soon!
Not even a weed!
Experience has shown that Tarping plants is not the best way to protect them.
As the solution drips, it is better to confine it to one area.
Our experienced grounds people can then more easily deal with it by dilution if it is one place.
When the chemical solution hits tarps, it splashes all over, making dilution much more difficult, if not impossible.
Sometimes, a tarped hedge will completely hide the over spray from view behind it.
When the tarp is pulled of the hedge, surprise, surprise, surprise!
Spots of roof cleaning chemical and dead Algae and Mildew that hit the tarp and splashed behind it unseen, have now spotted and ruined your paint.
Everything CAN be a poison, drink enough water, or take too much Aspirin, and it can kill you.
But Water is necessary to life, and Aspirin in small amounts helps fever and headache, and prevents damage during a heart attack.
Same with our roof cleaning chemical.
Promptly and properly diluted, it is rendered harmless to plants and paint.
One of our cleaning chemicals you actually drink in your water everyday, and one becomes a fertilizer in small concentrations!
We use state of the art chemical emulsifiers, and precision spray equipment to minimize run off.
Remember, Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa Florida is internationally known.
We TEACH at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America , and are acknowledged experts in our field.
Contractors from all over the United States come here to Tampa Florida for training.
Don’t you deserve the best plant protection that only a company with experienced and well paid grounds people can provide ?
Call us at 813 655 8777 for a free consultation, and no obligation estimate today.
Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida
7401 Patrician Place
Tampa, FL 33619
813 293 1733

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