How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

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Oxalic or Muriatic Acid diluted with water will remove rust stains from a roof.

Here in Tampa, Muriatic Acid is common, used for swimming pools.

Diluted 1 part acid to 4 parts water, it will remove rust stains off a roof.

Plain Vinegar is a mild acid, and should be tried first!

You may have to apply several applications of it, but we here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa suggest you try it first ?

More roof rust stain removal info may be had by going here

How do you kill black algae on your roof?

How do you kill black algae on your roof?

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To just KILL Roof Algae, simply spray it with some Copper or Zinc Sulfate mixed with water.

  4 ounces of  copper sulfate per gallon of water will kill any plant growing on a roof, and provide lasting protection against re growth for awhile.

Be sure and wet ALL plants and grass down before application.

It can be applied with a pump up sprayer.

The Roof Algae will die, and so will roof moss, and roof lichens!

Eventually, the rain will wash the dead plant matter from the Black Algae away, but it does take a long time.

Roof Cleaning Dade City FL

I love animals!
This is my new friend Beth, who lives in Dade City.
She loves Animals too, as can be seen by the pictures of her Dade City home!
Like many people who live in Florida, her roof is dirty, and there is a little Mildew on one of her animal cages.
I MUST clean for her, it is my “obsession” LOL
So, we made a deal.
I will clean her place and roof , and she said she will make me dinner !
Dade City is one of our roof cleaning service areas, only 45 minutes away.

IF you want a good deal on Dade City FL Roof Cleaning, give me a call ?

7401 Patrician Place

Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777
(800)290 1377

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Roof Cleaning Tampa – HOA Roof Cleaning Letter

Recent Roof Cleaning Tampa we did last week.
These roofs were cleaned in Tampa Deed Restricted Communities of Tampa Palms And Hunters Green.
Both these Tampa Roof Cleaning Customers received the dreaded ” HOA Roof Cleaning Letter” from their Tampa Homeowners Association.
If you receive a Roof Cleaning Letter from your Tampa HOA, here is something to consider ?
Hire a well known Tampa Roof Cleaning Company.
Tampa Homeowners Associations know of Apple Roof Cleaning’s good reputation for quality work.
When they see an invoice from Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, usually that is the END of your HOA Problems!
If your Tampa Homeowners Association receives an invoice from a wanna be Roof Cleaning who does little work in your Deed Restricted Community , here is what can happen.
Your Tampa Homeowners Association MAY come out to actually inspect the roof cleaning work ?

God only KNOWS what else they may “find wrong” with your Property !
Why take a chance educating some new, wanna be roof cleaning company ?

Many of these new roof cleaning companys are ONLY Roof Cleaners when you folks in Deed Restricted Communitys get roof cleaning letters from your HOA !
When there is little to no roof cleaning work, many of them are cutting grass, pressure washing, or painting houses.
Anything they can do to make a Buck.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is a REAL , full time roof cleaning company!
We TEACH Roof Cleaning to others, and are acknowledged experts in our field.
We have dedicated roof cleaning trucks, not the Family SUV pulling a trailer!
We are the ONLY Master Certified Roof Cleaning Instructors in Tampa, the highest level of certification by the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America

We are also the ONLY Roof Cleaning Company in Tampa ever to win the Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year Award!

We do charity roof cleaning work, because we believe in giving something back to the Tampa Community we live in.

For Professional Roof Cleaning your Homeowners Association will accept w/o question, call us at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa (813) 655 – 8777 for a free estimate.

7401 Patrician Place
Tampa FL 33619
(813)293 1733
(813)655 8777
(800)290 1377

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