Roof Replacement Tampa FL


Roof Cleaning instead of Roof Replacement

In Tampa, Florida roof stains have become out of control. This hardy algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma has spread across Central Florida, and is reported now on both coasts of our state.
Many Tampa, Florida area homeowners believe that the Black Roof Stains are actually the result of shingle granules having been washed off, thus exposing the roofing tar. As a result they pay thousands of dollars to replace the roof.
They don’t need to!
The Black Shingle Stains are actually covering the granules, and they can be removed by roof cleaning.
Non Pressure, Safe Roof Cleaning is largely unknown, and roofing contractors would rather it stay that way.

Look around your Tampa neighborhood…
Look on the roof…
Do you see any black stains ??

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Tampa FL 33619
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