Tampa Roof Cleaning – Barrel And Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning

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Pressure cleaning a flat cement, ceramic, or barrel tile roof, will often break or damage your tiles. Pressure washing a tile roof requires walking all over it. If all that walking around doesn’t bust up your tiles, the high pressure certainly can. Just try and get an inexpensive Florida Roofing Contractor to replace roof tile, and/or do leak repair to the underlying roofing membrane ! Try this test, stand on a ladder with a pressure washing wand in hand and pull the trigger. The high pressure can knock you right off the ladder! Imagine what that harmful pressure washing is doing to your tiles, and/or your roof membrane ? The surface cleaning devices used by some Tampa FL Pressure Washing company’s aren’t any better. They were designed for pressure cleaning parking lots and driveways. They are just a pressure washing contraption with their own set of problems. They are designed to “ride on air” on a flat surface. A barrel tile roof is not a flat surface, and as the surface cleaner passes over the roof tiles, it can easily smack into the edges of them like a sledgehammer, causing tile breakage. These surface cleaners also have angled high pressure cleaning nozzles, attacking your tile roof. The angled high pressure washing nozzles spray a stream of high pressure water right against the edges of your roof tiles. This causes the roof tile to buckle and move as it is forced up by the high pressure stream of water. Not only can this cause the tile to come loose, this can crack them from the bottom. These sharp, newly broken pieces of tile can be driven right into your tile roof membrane by the high pressure washing. We have seen tile roof membranes ripped apart, and bad roof leaks caused by this crude method of cleaning. These pressure washing contraptions are well known for causing roof leaks and broken tiles. Ask your local Florida Roofing Contractor ! OTHER TAMPA FLORIDA TILE ROOF CLEANING DANGERS.. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU ! Read the article below from Florida newspaper, and see what happened to some unsuspecting consumers who hired the wrong Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning Company. ” TAMPA – A container with an acid residue exploded Friday morning in New Tampa, severely burning a 36-year-old man. Investigators say Kenneth Toledo, a Tampa man who owns a pressure washing business, poured chlorine and water into the container, which had previously been used to apply an acid wash. The container had not been properly rinsed, and the resulting chemical reaction caused the explosion, officials said. The container exploded as Toledo scaled a ladder to clean the tile roof of a Hunter’s Green home in the 17800 block of Osprey Point Place, pelting Toledo with chemicals and shrapnel. He was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital. His condition was unknown Friday. The explosion also blew a 2-foot-wide hole in the roof. Tile was scattered about the driveway. ” Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning Explosion Link GIVE YOUR TILE ROOF A BREAK ! Flat and barrel tile roof repairs are not inexpensive. Some tiles aren’t even made anymore. There is a better way, a safer, longer lasting way to clean. The Exclusive Apple Tri-Chem Chemical Cleaning System doesn’t require us to walk all over every single tile on your roof like pressure washing does. Our advanced tile roof cleaning chemicals kill and remove the algae, clean your roof, and our exclusive time released mildew inhibitor keeps protecting long after we have gone. The Exclusive Apple Tri-Chem System was developed for Apple Tile Roof Cleaning by a chemical engineer at the University of Florida, with input from a roof tile manufacturer. We don’t use mortar or glaze removing muriatic acid on your roof, or just spray Chlorine on it either. Strong Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide solutions have been known to actually strip the glaze from your tiles. FAQ’S – WHAT IS THE TRI-CHEM SYSTEM ? WHY IS IT BETTER ? Instead of relying on one strong caustic chemical to do the cleaning, we use 3 chemicals mixed in a calculated fashion. The synergistic combination of these 3 tile roof cleaning chemicals allows us to use a much safer, more effective solution A Turbocharger “tricks” a small engine into making the power of a larger one, while retaining the good fuel economy of a small motor. Our Tri-Chem system “tricks” our tile roof cleaning solution into acting like it is much stronger than it actually is, for maximum cleaning with minimum effect on the environment ! We didn’t do our homework, we had a chemical engineer do it for us ! The Apple Tri-Chem System is light years ahead of any other tile roof cleaning system, bar none! And it is ONLY available from Apple Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa, FL. Yes, you can get cheaper Tile Roof Cleaning, but if saving a few dollars is more important to you then preserving the beauty and integrity of your beautiful roof tiles, keep shopping. Its your beautiful tile roof, you want it cleaned, but you don’t want it ruined. You want us! Call Apple Tile Roof Cleaning Of Tampa at 813 655 8777 for a free, no obligation phone estimate now.

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